Issue Papers

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) publishes Issue Papers to explore topics which reflect the libertarian philosophy as it impacts public policy in North Carolina. There are three kinds of Issue Papers; Position Papers, Candidate Papers and Opinion Papers.

Position Papers are written to clarify the LPNC position on specific issues actively affecting North Carolina, and as a supplement to the party platform. A Position Paper will be a lengthier, more detailed and more long term version of an official position taken by LPNC, as opposed to Platform Planks, which are also official, but short and more oriented to topics of current interest to public debate. Position papers must not contradict the LP Statement of Principles (SOP).

Opinion Papers must also be consistent with the LP SOP, but are intended to reflect an author's individual take on an issue, which might not be held by a majority of LPNC members. There might be more than one Opinion Paper on a given topic, reflecting a diversity of opinion within the LP itself. 

Candidate Papers have been written as part of a campaign for elective office by Libertarians who are running as candidates in the State of North Carolina.

If you have any suggestions or wish to write an Opinion or Position Paper, or are a Libertarian running for office who wishes us to publish a Candidate Paper, please contact us.

Position Papers

Corporate Welfare

Drug War (new)



2nd Amendment

Gender and Sexual Minorities

Right of Commerce and Communication (new)

War Memorials

Opinion Papers

Abortion by Phil Jacobson

Abortion by Brent Deridder

Abortion by JD Hutchinson

Candidate Papers

Choice is Freedom by Travis Groo (for NCGA Senate 17)

Second Amendment Sanctuaries by Donald Reid Deal (for Davidson County Commissioner)

Educational Opportunity (by WakeLP)

Healthcare Opportunity (by WakeLP)

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    These are great reads
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