Matthew Kordon - June 2024

Reflections on Addressing Environmental Problems


  • The evidence for a variety of environmental problems facing North Carolina is insurmountable.
  • Insofar as plants, animals, and humans have rights concerning their ecosystems and treatment, those rights must be upheld.
  • Solving these problems is already underway thanks to the willfulness and power of private North Carolinians, but the government must contribute to the solution in reserved, unbiased, cautious ways.

Climate Problems are Real and Multifaceted

If left unchecked, climate problems have the potential to cause serious harm. One hundred and fifty years of close study and observation have revealed the ways in which our planet is in flux. The weather, biomes, animals, plants, and even people have and will continue to experience anthropogenic change at a pace some life cannot adapt to. At present, North Carolina’s contribution to these problems meets or even surpass the global average. Much needs to be done so that popular animals will be kept from going extinct, our pollution will be brought under control, and weather conditions normalize.

We Have a Unique and Principled Stance on Government's Role

This issue is nuanced, so the response must be too. The accumulative action of individuals and organizations has more power to aid the environment than the slow-moving bureaucracy of the government machine beholden to special interests, lobbyists, and donors. Some mixture of governing action, freedom, and nativity got us into this problem but freedom and knowledge can easily get us out. For morality and efficiency alike, government must stay out of the way of its citizens.

Freedom will Save the Earth if People Trust One Another and Act

Human nature is such that self-interest and empathy always surpass force, and in that way, a deliberate base of citizens is more than capable of taking the actions necessary to improve our world. Corporate pollution can be stopped by class action lawsuits if suing is strengthened. Wildlife can thrive in captivity if commercial ownership is permitted. An awareness and appeal to reduce, reuse, and recycle can infiltrate households through civil liberties and free-form education. Unshackled markets will create the efficient, effective means to achieve those ends. Humanity unchained has never met a challenge it could not prepare for.

State Government's Use of Force

The use of force ought to be reserved for a narrow list of causes such as justice. Murder is unjust for its destruction of a valuable being. Because the killing of endangered species is a similar affront to a valuable being’s right to life and has consequences up and down its food chain, I support strengthening laws to punish and hold accountable killers of endangered animals.

State Government's Land Ownership

The public land owned collectively by the people of North Carolina and in the trust of the government is an opportunity to aid conservation efforts. The administration of the parks of North Carolina is among the most crucial, rightful responsibilities of the government. The multitude of vegetation on government property contributes significantly to the balancing of atmospheric chemistry and the healthy sustenance of human and all life on our planet. Although conservation is a rare example of a responsibility government performs well, North Carolina should, through an approval process, sell land to private parks and preservation companies. Nevertheless, the parks are an opportunity for our state government to engage in commerce and in that regard can mimic corporations to both fund the upkeep of the land and have a natural measurement of the public’s approval of the service provided.

State Government's Interaction with Culture through Information Dispersion

The government claims the authority to participate in the culture of its people and therein inherits a moral obligation to prioritize caution and objectivity. Those priorities should guild public education’s open conversation with its pupils about the research into environmental issues. All the same, public education must permit parents to be part of that open conversation. Ultimately, the best ideas will succeed, and people will be incentivized to take steps to preserve our natural world.

State Government's Support of Innovation through Higher Education

Because universities are inevitably going to fund academic research, it is in our best interest if our public universities set aside a portion of funding for research and development into climate solutions, even ones involving nonrenewable energy sources. Those universities should encourage entrepreneurship robustly to inform students of higher education their ability to innovate, bring about important solutions, and generate prosperity. The modernization and use of nuclear power is especially important which is likely to be noticed by students if we educate them on the subject. The next generation will produce numerous helpful inventions backed by capital, thus a Free Market rather than university research will bring about the most change. For those residents who do innovate, I propose a medal and cash prize be awarded to said innovators.

Government Needs not Do Much Because its Best Solutions Involve Getting Out of Your Way

  • Protect endangered species and important ecosystems through harsher legislation.
  • Reduce the operations of the state government and military substantially so that, among other reasons, each have a radically smaller footprint.
  • Have public university research and development environmental solutions.
  • Enable and reward rather than inhibit environmental innovators.
  • Leverage our vast ownership of land for revenue-generating nature conservation.
  • Fight pollution using a reformed legal system, soil and water upkeep, and modest regulations.
  • Stabilize temperatures and weather through worldwide and local collaboration alike.
  • Offer hope and encourage a culture of taking willful action and self-responsibility.
  • Inform the public the reassuring and exciting facts about modern nuclear power.
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Bob Drach - May 2024

Bob Drach

The Office of the State Auditor is tainted by recent scandal. Candidate Bob Drach gives voters a strong alternative to business as usual.

"Accountants in public practice should be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and other attestation services.”

— American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

SURF CITY, NC, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 -- On November 7, 2023, North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood was indicted and on November 9th she resigned. This incident cast a shadow over the Office of the State Auditor (OSA). As a result, the next election will be about the best way to restore the reputation of the OSA.

Bob Drach is a candidate for North Carolina State Auditor. He believes: “The next auditor should be independent, qualified, and ethical.” There are two other candidates for State Auditor. One is Jessica Holmes, who was appointed by Democratic Governor Roy Cooper. The other will be Dave Boliek, who is leading in his primary election with about 90% of the votes counted.

According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, "Accountants in public practice should be independent in fact and appearance when providing auditing and other attestation services." Drach is independent in the sense of being neither a Democrat nor a Republican in a state government dominated by both. As a Libertarian, Bob is the most independent candidate and best able to restore the reputation of the OSA.

Drach is qualified -- he is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), business leader (CFO, CIO, CEO), and public servant (U.S. Peace Corps and New Hanover County Board of Equalization and Review). Bob spent four years working for audit and consulting firm Deloitte early in his career. He has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from Stanford University.

Bob’s motivation is the public good. He says: “When I registered for the draft, I thought hard about my responsibility as a US citizen, and I decided to volunteer for national service. Now, after a career in accounting and organizational leadership, I am again able to serve. I look up and down the ballot and see what poor choices the major parties give us. The solution for this is to get involved and to support good independent candidates when they run. My background, independence, and qualifications are a perfect fit for NC State Auditor.”

Importantly, Bob is not a lawyer. He is not a political appointee. He does not work in the State Legislature. He is not raising hundreds of thousands of dollars from those trying to influence elections. He will rarely be auditing members of his own political party. He is free from such apparent conflicts of interest.

Bob’s primary goal is to restore the reputation of the Office of the State Auditor as a professional, unbiased, and vital part of our State Government. There has been an auditor in State Government since before the American Revolution. Drach notes: “There is a reason for that. When money, competing interests, government power, and humans are involved we need to assure that management controls are appropriate. When controls fail then we need a strong, independent auditor to shine a light on where waste, fraud, or abuse happens.”

When asked about running as a Libertarian, Drach states: "Libertarians are about non-aggression, natural rights, and civil liberties. These line up well with my personal beliefs. Also, election laws in North Carolina make it much harder for unaffiliated independent candidates to run for office. The Libertarian party is the largest block of independent registered voters in North Carolina."

Learn more about Bob by visiting

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Gheorghe Cormos - May 2024

Gheorghe Cormos - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 3

I Rise in Support of Binary Logic … and a Parents’ Bill of Rights

"I only mention it because sometimes, there's a man and I don't say hero, because what's a hero? But sometimes, there's a man and I'm talking about the dude here. Sometimes there's a man, and he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there, and that's …" -The Big Lebowski

Sen. Graig Meyer, State Senator, NC Senate District 23, to whom we can attribute this dribble of wisdom:

"Imagine an elementary school classroom filled with kids who are bursting with curiosity. Under the [proposed] North Carolina Parents Bill of Rights, that wide-eyed wonderment would be muted. This bill would restrict teachers’ ability to discuss concepts of gender identity or sexuality, although they could answer questions that students ask. What happens when one student’s question leads to a slew of questions from others? A good teacher responds to these inquiring minds by reading aloud from an age-appropriate book. Yet, that teaching moment would also be prohibited under this bill."

This is exactly the type of inappropriate behavior that we are talking about.

Previously what was subject matter fit only for adults, and some might say even that was a bit bold, is now being freely encouraged and indoctrinated to our children under the auspice of divine enlightenment. Shall we break up into tribes? Is that the compromise? Except that, instead of the haves and have nots, we might as well just privatize everything and start funding education down party lines? While perhaps neither of those might be the best idea yet, and could possibly be detrimental to societal and social cohesion, it does beg the question, are there more than two sexes?

Because, essentially, this is what the conversation boils down to. That and our general openness to exhibitionism. Forgive me for being blunt, but news bits such as "The new state budget’s net appropriation for education is $17.3 billion in 2023-24" gives one pause when we then read "Over the next eight years, the North Carolina General Assembly is slated to spend $5.5 billion on private school vouchers." By my beleaguered math, that makes Private Education about 4 percent of the total amount being paid over, as was graciously pointed out, the NEXT 8 YEARS!!!

So yeah, I would like my voucher, because it's my money, and not yours, and certainly not to be used to facilitate Sen. Meyer's Neverland Ranch.

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Shannon Bray - April 2024

The recent lawsuit against Sheetz has sparked a debate about how businesses handle hiring while keeping public safety in mind.

by: Shannon Bray - Libertarian Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Wawa and Sheetz, two prominent convenience store chains in Pennsylvania, have been engaged in a long-standing rivalry. This competition is often referred to as the "Wawa vs. Sheetz" conflict, with both brands having a strong presence in different parts of the state. The conflict is characterized by their expansion strategies, with each company attempting to gain a larger market share.

The recent move by Wawa to expand into central Pennsylvania, traditionally considered Sheetz territory, has heightened the rivalry between the two companies. This expansion is part of Wawa's broader plan to open 40 stores in central Pennsylvania in the next five years, which marks a significant move into Sheetz's domain.

Additionally, the lawsuit filed by the EEOC against Sheetz alleging hiring discrimination has added another layer to the conflict between the two companies.

The lawsuit is pushing Sheetz to meet a specific goal regarding the rate at which different ethnic groups are rejected based on criminal backgrounds. This could lead to higher costs for Sheetz and damage its reputation for safety, possibly even putting it out of business. Some people suspect there are corporate interests at play here, wanting to buy out Sheetz - a private company - and drive down its value.

It's important to tackle discrimination, but we also need to understand that businesses need to make smart choices about who they hire. Background checks give them important information about job applicants.

However, automatically rejecting candidates based solely on their criminal records could make inequality worse and make it harder for people to move up economically. Sheetz and other companies should have the freedom to look at each applicant's situation individually, considering things like the type of offense, efforts to change, and how much time has passed since the incident.

The legal obligation being imposed on Sheetz is to devise a high-cost strategy that leads to a specific representative outcome. The EEOC wants to enforce a vague standard that leads to a specific result, namely, that each ethnic classification should have the same criminal background rejection rate.

The lawsuit’s imposition of an outcome is a thinly veiled effort to put the company out of business by raising its hiring costs or by creating a reputational risk regarding public safety in its stores or both. We can’t dismiss the possibility that there are corporate interests that want to buy Sheetz’s family run business and want to raise costs, harm its reputation and lower its ultimate sale price with the help of government regulators.

It is also an absurd overreach by regulators, finding discrimination where there is little basis in fact or objective observation to justify such a claim.

All job seekers, regardless of their background, have a fair chance to compete. Ultimately, our social goal should be to strike a harmonious balance—one that respects individual rights, promotes justice, and safeguards public safety.

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Gheorghe Cormos - April 2024

100 Million Digital Souls for the Empire!

by: Gheorghe Cormos - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 3

On January 24, 1972, the last Japanese soldier, still holding out from WWII, was found and brought in from his hideout in the hills of Guam. That in it of itself is eyebrow raising, how one man could be so disciplined to his warrior code. More interesting, however, was the documentary in which this gentleman explained his confusion, and perhaps dismay, upon returning to his home. He re-told that among citizens, the common greeting before he deployed was "100 million souls for the emperor," as it was the duty of every Patriot to give everything for the glory of Rome... I mean land of the Rising Sun.

Fast forward to April 16, 2024, and the headline reads "The House narrowly rejected a warrant requirement in a bill that reauthorizes FISA Section 702 for two years."A man can only help but wonder at this point, "What else for the glory of the Empire my Liege?"

It would seem that our ever-concerned, jealous, and loving Big Brother still yet sees danger and peril from which we helpless souls must be protected. Not that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. Turn on any anxiety inducing news media and you'll be brought right up to speed. The issue is that the list of "asks" from our overlords seems to never end (i.e., "two weeks to flatten the curve," "Saddam has WMDs so we must invade," "If we don’t bailout the banks, life as we know will end," "inflation is transitory..."). While at the same time, the list of rights, quite literally and explicitly written and provided for in the Bill of Rights, seems to diminish and fade into the nothingness of history and time.

As I sat dismayed and perplexed at the results, I was encouraged by one thought, surely, this is a representative democracy, and my Representative, NC-3 Greg Murphy (R), will come riding in at the last minute to save the day. Afterall, we both live in a rather conservative and freedom loving district. Surely, the policies which I have heard his political team, the good 'ol GOP, would agree, that asking the government to respect constitutionally guaranteed rights, was in fact, not that big of an ask from the voting peasantry, I mean citizenry.

Yet as I sit and file my taxes during yet another glorious tax season; and as I pay my car property taxes to support the empire; and as my home insurance costs increase; and as my county tax assessors year-after-year congratulate me with my home’s rising taxable value; ….

I raise my gaze upon a distant land,
Form where all power and edicts go forth,
Out of curiosity really, nothing grand,
I witnessed my Rep., valiantly clothed,
Mount an impressive tactical advance to the rear
Where it was a vote ending in 212-212,
And literally one vote the other way would have brought to all a little cheer,
Twas as if on the wind it was brought to me,
The battle cry, purportedly on my behalf you see,
and I thought I heard a voice demand:
"What orders from Mordor my Lord? What does the Eye command?"

Greg Murphy hates your freedom.

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Matthew Kordon - April 2024

As Principled Outsiders, We Have an Obligation to Settle Political Disagreements

by: Matthew Kordon - Candidate for NC House 11

I spoke with a Republican voter recently who believed that because Libertarians have won few state and federal elections, they accomplish nothing with their campaigns. I could list plenty of reasons why that is not true, but I have a novel argument you might not have heard: Libertarians have the capacity to be the ideal mediators of the political landscape, time and again.

Mediation can end decades of gridlock. Mediation by a neutral third party creates democratic and rhetorical pressure to move the dispute to a legalistic, rational, or at least voted on next step. It often puts parties on the path of agreement.

To understand why we have a de facto power to mediate, consider elections. Many NC races this year have a Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat. Whether fair or not, the general public and journalists think of our party as being squarely in between the duopoly. Thankfully, the public knows how independent and focused we are on the issues of liberty and equality, so they respect our unique vision for North Carolina. Our staying power causes us to loom large; some parties rise and fall like Icarus attempting to fly... but not us. A comment by a Libertarian on a dispute between the other two during, say, a debate shifts the weight of the conversation considerably. This might help explain why Libertarians are often said to win debates such as the one Mike Ross won by a landslide in February.

If we are not careful, this can backfire. Saying something contradicting, radical, or unpopular can have the effect of uniting our rivals against us. Worse still is if we forfeit the high ground by saying something dubious or disingenuous.

We hold this power even in races between one Republican and Democrat. If our state party puts out a press release, it has the potential to be seen by a faction of the left or right who agrees, and they can proudly tout it as evidence that their side is popular and logical whereas the other side is without unbiased company.

An example of this happening is my own race against my Republican opponent. Philip Hensley was debating two left-wing activists on the social media site X on April 9 for what was at least the second time. Responding to an expression of dislike for Christian practices as justification for not supporting Christian school vouchers, Hensley said:

At first his remarks were iffy; calling the person a "bigot" seemed to me like exaggeration. What BFB said in response was to point out that they would not side against other Jews, being Jewish. Admittedly, this helped retroactively vindicate Mr. Hensley for being critical of BFB, but what he then said was atrocious: "Exactly my point. Therefore you are Anti-Christian." The implication was that all Jews are bigoted towards Christians.

Disgusted, the other left-wing person screen-capped the exchange and declared Hensley to be an "antisemitic goon."

At best, Hensley's words were a Freudian slip that he only agreed with in the heat of the moment and blurted out awkwardly, and at worst, Mr. Hensley has an actual aversion to all Jewish people. This outcry got my attention so I shared the post and wrote:

Unbeknownst to me, what I reposted twisted the truth by making it look like Mr. Hensley was initially replying to something slightly different, further incriminating him. Spreading misinformation intentionally is deeply unethical and sinister, so MovingNCForward ought to be ashamed, but this is not about them. MNCF is not running for office, Hensley is.

You will notice that I called his remark "mildly" antisemitic and asked that he apologize, hinting to him that if he apologizes, it will restore his reputation to me and others. I saw it as giving him a way out of the situation, but this was also a test. If he didn't apologize, then he reveals himself to be not only antisemitic but also very stubborn. After all, how hard would it have been to say, "Fine. What I said was unintentionally in bad taste. I apologize to the Jewish community and want to return to the subject at hand"? Perhaps he thinks apologizing makes men look weak when instead it shows an ability to pause and exhibit reflection, empathy, and humility, traits necessary in leadership.

Instead, Hensley responded by exhibiting rotten character traits: fits of anger, mocking others, lying about me and more people, refusing to acknowledge any wrongdoing whatsoever, boasting about being able to outlast anyone in verbal argument, calling many different people "bigots" simply for disagreeing with him, refusing to help me clear his name out of spite, making fun of all Libertarians simply because he does not like me, and boasting that he gets more views on his posts than I do. Like Donald Trump, his strategy when someone points out a character flaw is to deny the character flaw and simultaneously flaunt bad behavior in their face to hide that he cares what they think of him.

Many left-wing users on X were overjoyed to see that I denounced his generalizations. It gave their view of him a seal of approval from someone of authority, doubly so when our state party backed my statement that his hate is unacceptable. Heck, the LPNC went further and suggested he drop out of the race (something Hensley had already demanded of me, which I laughed off).

So impressed were they of my conduct, that even though I handled the situation sternly, Biden-supporters spent the next few days saying nice things about me, clicking the heart button on my posts, and engaged me in earnest conversation in which they genuinely considered my Libertarian arguments! I cannot overstate what a huge, positive change that seemed to awaken in them. Although it feels too late to be an influence on Mr. Hensley, my conduct is winning the admiration of people on the other side. Perhaps as many as one hundred left-leaning residents of North Carolina have their opinion of Libertarians improved because of my actions.

Perhaps Representative Dahle was watching from the shadows and will likewise listen to my libertarian views with greater interest from now on, and, if she gets re-elected, perhaps she will be swayed on a few issues. I can tell Hensley will think twice before ever uttering something heinous publicly again, as he later deleted the antisemitic remarks to try to hide that he ever said them. It is not the apology I was hoping for on behalf of others, but it will do.

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Meet the Candidates - Christopher Sessions 2024

Meet Christopher Sessions, running for NC Senate District 10


Occupational Licensing

I advocate for reducing the regulatory burden on our citizens and businesses. Currently, our state ranks 8th in occupational licensing requirements, imposing unnecessary barriers to entry for professions such as alarm installers, sign language interpreters, barbers, and even floor sanders.

I propose a comprehensive review of professional licensing regulations in North Carolina to eliminate those that do not contribute to public safety. Many of these licenses merely serve to protect established interests, hinder competition, and drive up prices for consumers. By eliminating unnecessary licensing requirements, we can foster a more open and competitive market, allowing individuals to pursue their chosen professions without undue government interference.

Rank Choice Voting

Rank Choice Voting is a modern, innovative voting system that allows voters to rank their choices in order of preference. This system is designed to give voters more control over their vote and to ensure that the winning candidate has majority support. In North Carolina, Rank Choice Voting would ensure that all votes are counted, regardless of party affiliation, and that the winning candidate has the support of a majority of voters. This system would also make it easier for candidates to reach out to a wider range of voters, as it would be easier to build coalitions of support. Ultimately, Rank Choice Voting would help to create a more democratic and representative government in North Carolina.


As a Libertarian, I believe in body autonomy and that adults should be able to make their own decisions about what they put in their bodies. Unfortunately, I recognize that the legalization of drugs is not a realistic goal in North Carolina in the near future. Therefore, I prioritize efforts in areas where progress can be made:

Medical Marijuana:

As a veteran, I have witnessed the life-changing effects of marijuana on my family, friends, and fellow veterans. I advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana, recognizing its efficacy in pain management, PTSD, TBI treatment, and reducing prescription medication dependency. Individuals seeking relief should not face criminal penalties, and access to effective treatment should be a right without legal repercussions.

Recreational Marijuana:

I support the legalization of recreational marijuana in North Carolina. I believe that adults should have the right to make their own decisions about what substances they consume. I also believe that the state should not interfere with the personal choices of its citizens, and that the government should not be in the business of criminalizing adults for using a substance that 57% of North Carolinians support.

Drug Decriminalization

The criminalization of drug possession should be replaced with non-criminal citations. I believe that drug use should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue, and that resources should be allocated to providing treatment and support services for those struggling with addiction. I believe that criminalizing drug possession disproportionately affects minority communities and only serves to further entrench poverty and inequality.

Limiting the Governor's Emergency Authority:

We cannot allow a repeat of the tyranny experienced in 2020, where one person wielded unlimited emergency powers, essentially transforming themselves into a de facto dictator. Emergency powers are meant to address immediate crises, not to serve as a carte blanche for unchecked authority. It is crucial that we strike a balance between responding swiftly to emergencies and upholding the principles of our democracy. To achieve this, we must ensure that emergency powers are only utilized as a temporary measure until the legislature can convene to make informed and representative decisions.

Eliminate the State Income Tax:

I propose the elimination of state income tax to stimulate economic growth and individual prosperity. This move will attract businesses and skilled professionals, creating a more competitive and business-friendly environment. Individuals retaining more of their earnings will promote consumer spending and saving, contributing to a robust and dynamic local economy.

Facebook Link:


As a proud Libertarian, I know the odds are tough, but I'm committed to offering voters a choice beyond the two-party system. To spread the message of freedom, I need your support. Every donation to Sessions for NC Senate counts. Let's make a stand for a better future

Donation Link:

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Mike Ross - January 2024

Candidate for the LPNC Governor Nomination

I have made the case to you, North Carolina, many times, as to why I should be your next governor. I have met you face-to-face, through video, in debate, and out doing the work fighting for Liberty. 

The place I have met you that means the most to me is when we are standing together fighting against the overreach of the state and the oppression it inevitably brings against those who defy it or refuse to comply with the morality it wants to enforce. 

Over the last few years, I have led the charge seeking Justice for Joshua, pushing back against Gastonia cops who abused their power, assaulted homeless war veteran Joshua Rohrer - resulting in the death of his service dog. I kept showing up, at every rally and city council meeting, while the city fought to keep the body camera footage hidden for nine months until it could no longer affect the outcome of the trial. And I kept showing up after that, demanding accountability for the clear crimes and abuses of power shown on the body camera video. 

At the same time, the City of Gastonia leveraged the weapons at its disposal and shut down Pastor Moses Colbert's church where he let homeless people shelter and eat. Rohrer was one of the human beings who Pastor Moses was helping. When Pastor Moses spoke out against the police violence Joshua suffered, the city shut his ministry down, citing fire and safety violations. In the three years that Pastor Moses had been giving people shelter, no one had died on the streets of Gastonia from exposure. In the three winter months after the city shut him down, more than thirty people died on the streets.

Over the last three years, the LPNC has covered the actions of the City of Gastonia and Pastor Moses's fight against them in detail, but eventually, despite all of our attempts to comply with increasingly ridiculous requirements and demands from the city, the accrued fines were too much, and Pastor Moses was forced to shut down the shelter part of his ministry and consider a new approach. In a development that should surprise exactly no one, those people once again were out on the streets with no where to go

Despite their victory, the city is not content with turning people out on the streets to freeze to death. Apparently, they want to continue attacking Pastor Moses as he looks for ways, like overnight services, to help the most vulnerable avoid the frigid temperatures. 

The fire marshal has made several demands of Pastor Moses, all of them expensive, unnecessary, and authoritarian, doubling down on a city policy that is anti-homeless and unwilling to tolerate dissent or challenges to its power. Unfortunately, this is a legacy that has followed the City of Gastonia for decades.

The city did note that it has the Salvation Army as a resource, which can hold 64 people, four of whom can be men, according to the WSPA Spartanburg story linked above. There are estimated to be about 200 homeless people in Gastonia, and Pastor Moses had capacity for all of them. 

I say to you, North Carolina, it's time we say "no more!" I will lead the fight for Liberty, and make sure no one is criminalized for helping fellow humans, starting in Gastonia, and on through the rest of our beautiful state. 

We have two debates coming up, with details listed in this newsletter, as well as a speaking opportunity at the WakeLP convention. I hope you all take the chance to listen and get to know me, as I continue to share my vision for a free and prosperous North Carolina and my plan to get us there. 

And I also hope you are moved by Pastor Moses and his ministry, and can give a little something to help him.

I can't wait to meet the rest of you and be your champion for Liberty. 

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Bob Drach - January 2024

Candidate for North Carolina State Auditor

Get to know Bob Drach better.

Very nice to meet you all. I am Bob Drach, and I am your best choice for North Carolina's State Auditor. A former Certified Management Accountant, I know financial reporting, information systems and organizational leadership.


The State Auditor protects the citizens of North Carolina from abuses of power and instances of incompetence that unfortunately happen in government. Because the government is dominated by Republicans and Democrats, it would be unwise to have a Republican or a Democrat as the Auditor. (Unwise, as in a conflict of interest, the fox guarding the henhouse, and generally a bad idea. Major party voters who care about the integrity of the office can admit as much and should vote for me, while I am the clear choice for unaffiliated and third-party voters.)


I am a certified management accountant and former Treasurer, CFO, and CIO. I have earned multiple other professional certifications and taught in public schools. I am uniquely both a former Peace Corps volunteer and graduate of a highly competitive MBA program.


Throughout my career, I have exemplified the character, honesty, and diligence which make good organizations great. This is important right now for the Office of the State Auditor, rocked by the resignation of the prior elected auditor under a cloud of disgrace and with the unelected incumbent installed by the state political machine. 

As the State Auditor, I will focus on retaining the excellent audit staff while recruiting additional talent.  Continuity on key investigations is critical, while also emphasizing performance metrics that highlight both transparency and activity.

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Steve Feldman - January 2024

2024 Libertarian candidate for the U.S. Congress in NC’s 10th congressional district

We live in great times.

In many ways, we live in the best of times in human history, but it doesn’t always seem that way. In our culture, particularly among the major political parties, there’s a strong tendency to denigrate the motivations of the other, feeding an angry culture that leads, I believe, to discontent, conflict, and violence (and perhaps even to reduced life expectancy). We Libertarians tend to be more objective and can see that those who disagree with us are well meaning, too, but we are not totally immune to the siren song of denigrating others. 

A recent update touting Libertarians’ effort to defend our rights said, “The Uniparty serves its deep-pocketed masters, with no regard for suffering or death they cause as a result.” We shouldn’t be contributing to the culture of hostility with comments like this. People who are in other parties care deeply about all our citizens and about the people suffering in other countries. People in other parties just have different policy ideas about what will bring peace and security for all. I believe that Libertarian policies, rooted in respect for the individual rights of all and supporting peaceful means to achieve peace, are far more promising than the idea that inflicting violence on others will be the best means to achieve peace. However, I’m confident that everyone is well meaning (even and perhaps especially the most hawkish) and desires peace for themselves, for their children, and for others. 

Instead of denigrating others and instead of trying to use force to bring about peace, I support taking Jefferson’s approach to relationships with others, both here at home and abroad: peace, commerce, and honest friendship.

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