Any business that the LPNC conducts outside of its annual convention is handled in a committee. These committees are listed below with any links to more information about each.

At present, all LPNC committees should be using the Slack application for internal communication. LPNC maintains a Slack workspace for this purpose, and specific Slack channels for each committee. Any LPNC member is welcome to observe and comment on any committee's proceedings. In order to observe or get involved, however, an LPNC member must join the LPNC Slack workspace.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the LPNC Chair or the committee chair.

Adjunct Committees

These committees are established by the LPNC Bylaws.

Bylaws and Convention Rules

The Bylaws and Convention Rules Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee to serve during the months leading up to an annual convention in odd-numbered years during which the LPNC Bylaws are formally considered for revisions. 

The 2019 LPNC Bylaws and Convention Rules Committee is active as of June 2018 and is chaired by Donald Reid.

Whether the committee is active or not, any questions about this committee may be directed to


The Platform Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee to serve during the months leading up to an annual convention in even-numbered years during which the LPNC Platform is formally considered for revisions. The committee conducts most of its business in a Yahoo Group.

The 2020 LPNC Platform Committee will become active following the 2019 LPNC Convention. 

Download the 2018 LPNC Platform Committee Report for the 2018 State Convention


The Judicial Committee is defined in the Article VI of the LPNC bylaws. Members are elected during the annual convention. The Judicial Committee meets only when necessary. Contact the committee by contacting the committee chair. The committee Rules of Appellate Procedure are here.

Tom Bailey, chair

Working Committees

Working committees are created by the Executive Committee as needed to carry out the work of the party.


The Convention Committee finds a location and plans the speakers and events that will take place during the annual LPNC State Convention.

The 2019 LPNC Convention Committee is not yet active.

Strategic Planning  

The purpose of this committee is to continue work on the 2020 Strategic Plan, including:

  • Define the human resource needs required to execute the plan. This includes the development of role requirements for directors and teams within the organization, and

  • Review the plan in light of evolving challenges and opportunities, and propose changes to the plan.

Brent DeRidder, chair



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