Bob Drach For North Carolina Auditor


The State Auditor protects the citizens of North Carolina from abuses of power and instances of incompetence that unfortunately happen in government. The most important criteria is that the Auditor be fair and unbiased.  Do we really want a Republican Auditor auditing Republicans, or a Democrat Auditor auditing Democrats?  No, that is at least an apparent conflict of interest.  Bob is the independent candidate in both appearance and fact. 
There are more registered voters who are unaffiliated or other parties than there are either Republicans or Democrats.  This is because people are sick of the terrible choices that the Democrats and Republicans offer.  If you are registered unafiliated or other, then make your voice heard by voting for Bob.
Bob Drach also is your best choice for North Carolina's State Auditor. As a former Certified Management Accountant, he has experience in financial reporting, information systems management and organizational leadership -- over 20 years combined in the public and private sectors.
Learn more about Bob and how you can help him change politics in North Carolina at:

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