Sexism & Sexual Harassment

In every large organization, there will be good and bad actors. Libertarians are not immune to this, despite our emphasis on the equal rights and dignity of all people. There will be those who support the cause of Liberty who act in good faith, and those who will use it to act in their own self-interest.

For too long, it has been widely accepted that sexism and sexual harassment are an inherent part of the culture in politics and, in the spirit of unity, the problem is often ignored and even excused.

Let it be known that the Libertarian Party of North Carolina absolutely rejects the notion that these things should be a part of our culture and, further, that the LPNC rejects unity with such bad actors. We will not endeavor to hide these behaviors from public view in the name of self-preservation or political advancement, nor will we shield these individuals from the consequences of their actions.

Rather, we will hold abusers accountable. We hold both individual liberty and individual responsibility in high regard and refuse to violate principle for the sake of party. We call for every organization, Libertarian or not, to take responsibility for their community and culture, and take a stand with us against sexism and sexual harassment.

There is no question that in a large group of people that sexual harassment may exist. The only question is, how will we handle it?

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  • Jonathan Hopper
    published this page in Issue Papers 2021-08-19 18:48:27 -0400
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