Gheorghe Cormos - US House Of Representatives District 3


There is NO discernable difference between the Republican party and the Democrat Party in that they both will inherently increase the power of government to solve “problems” at the cost of individual liberties.

1. Our National Debt is Unsustainable

Both Democrats and Republicans have equally contributed to this debacle. Publicly they say they are competing ideologies. In practice, there is no discernable difference in outcome. In 2016, the national debt was approx. $20 trill. Since then, we’ve had two presidents, one from each party, majorities in the Senate and the House of Reps flipped back and forth, and yet, eight years later, a jointly earned result.

2. End Marijuana Prohibition

I support ending the federal prohibition on Marijuana via its designation as a schedule I drug in the Controlled Substances Act. Individual rights should not be judged as deserving less protection when the behavior does not hurt any other citizen’s rights. Government persecution often results in decreased economic opportunities for the persecuted, and an additional stream of revenue for law enforcement.

3. Yes to School Vouchers

Parents should have the last word on place and content of their children’s education. The ideology being promulgated by the Dept. of Education is contrary to the changing realities of modern life. The pace of technologic advancement is opening up education solutions faster than the antiquated central education provider can keep up with. The specific per student cost of education should be appropriately distributed to whichever, reasonably verified, educational outfit can best meet the child’s needs.

4. No to Emergency Powers and Immunities

The COVID-19 Experience should have been enough to wake everybody up. Our government, while perhaps not lawfully, did legally demand from us and intimidated the population into lockdowns. The scariest part is that they currently still possess this very same capability, and as we saw, they have the audacity and brazenness to do it again. Furthermore, no government employee or otherwise functionary should be granted any immunities when trampling a citizen’s constitutional rights. Being forced to indemnify the very public officials which were the cause of calamity is an insult.

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  • Gordon Ipock
    commented 2024-01-26 21:59:11 -0500
    Public education is probably the state’s largest enterprise; therefore, it offers the greatest opportunity for corruption: political, ideological and financial. Also, as the state and nation have become increasingly diverse, many aspects of education must be made almost meaningless in order not to offend anyone, history and literature especially. We have reached the point where society would be better served if government was removed from all aspects of education. There are more than enough educational websites online on the internet to already provide a better education than can be had in most public schools. And for the most part, they are free.

    Government education’s primary purpose has become indoctrination.
  • Ryan Brown
    published this page in 2024 Candidates 2023-12-09 22:29:06 -0500