The LPNC is building a volunteer staff. We've developed a comprehensive organizational plan, and there are many positions to fill, as you can see from the list below. 

Executive Director


Political & Public Policy Director

Dee Watson

  • Legislative Team: 
    • Angela Humphries
    • Phil Jacobson
    • Sean Haugh
  • Candidate Coordinator: Christina Aragues
  • Candidate and Political Data Analyst Team:
    • Daniel Cavender
    • Sean Acton
    • Kyle Ward
    • Peter Antley

Outreach Director

  • Affiliate Coordinator: Kimberly Acer
  • Coalitions Coordinator: Mac Browder
    • Issue Liaisons:
      • Patrick Bowersox: LGBTQ+
      • John Underwood: Better Ballot NC
      • Justin Hinkley: 2nd Amendment
      • Robert Yates: FAIR/Free Speech
      • Jeff Scott: Green Party
      • Angela Humphries: School Choice
      • David Coatney: Small Business
      • Kenneth Schlegel: Food Freedom
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Susan Hogarth
  • Events Coordinator: 
  • Campus Coordinator: 

Communications Director

Rob Yates

  • Strategic Communications Adviser: Joshua D. Glawson
  • Content manager: 
  • Social Media Coordinator:
  • Marketing Coordinator: 
  • Press Secretary:

Finance Director

  • Development Coordinator: Mike Ross
  • Membership Coordinator: 
  • Promotions Coordinator: 

Information & Technology Director

Timothy Conard

  • Information Broker: Brad Hessel
  • IT Coordinator: James Higgins


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