The LPNC is building a volunteer staff. We've developed a comprehensive organizational plan, and there are many positions to fill, as you can see from the list below. If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please email the director and let them know. Many of these positions can be filled by many people at once. If you are interested in a position that looks like it is filled, please reach out anyways and we would love to get you involved however we can. If you are interested in doing something, but it doesn't look like there is a matching position. Then let a director know, and a position can be created.

Executive Director

Party Organization:

  • Affiliate Coordinators (many): 
    • Daniel Cavender
    • Steven DiFiore
    • Angela Humphries
    • Andrew Johnson
    • Christopher Nance
  • Affiliate Facebook Manager: Matthew Clements
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Susan Hogarth
    • Data Entry Assistant
  • Campus Coordinator: 

Political & Public Policy Director: 

  • Legislative Team (many)
    • Angela Humphries
    • Phil Jacobson
    • Sean Haugh
  • Candidate Coordinator: Christina Aragues
    • Candidate Coordinator (Federal)
    • Candidate Coordinator (State)
    • Candidate Coordinator (Local)
  • Candidate and Political Data Analyst Team (many):
    • Daniel Cavender
    • Sean Acton
    • Kyle Ward
    • Ian Rutherford
  • Lobbying (many)
  • Build websites (many)
  • Election workers (many)
  • Door Hangers (many)

Outreach Director: 

  • Events Coordinator (many)
    • Tabling Team (many)
  • Issue Groups:
    • FAIR/Free Speech (many): Robert Yates
    • 2nd Amendment (many): Justin Hinkley 
    • Food Freedom (many): Kenneth Schlegel
    • LGBTQ+/GSM (many): Patrick Bowersox
    • School Choice (many): Angela Humphries
    • Small Business (many): David Coatney:
    • Drug Legalization (many):
    • Anti-War (many):
    • ABC Reform (many):
    • Participation in Fed Asset Sharing Program (many):
    • Defend the Guard (many):
    • Criminal Justice Reform (many):
    • Zoning Restrictions (many):
    • Jury Nullification (many):
  • Special Interest Liaisons
    • African American
    • Hispanic
    • NC Stop Torture Now: Phil Jacobson
    • Better Ballot NC: John Underwood
    • Green Party: Jeff Scott

Communications Director: Rob Yates

  • Content manager/Staff Writer (many): 
  • Social Media Coordinator:
    • Twitter Branded (Multiple): Sean Haugh
    • Facebook Branded (Multiple):
    • Twitter Team (Many): 
    • Instagram
    • Tik Tok
    • LPNC Members Facebook: Susan Hogarth
  • Marketing Coordinator:
  • Data Analyst:
  • Website Coordinator:
  • Press Secretary:
  • Events Coordinator:
  • Strategic Communications Adviser: Joshua D. Glawson

Finance Director

  • Development Coordinator: Mike Ross
  • Membership Coordinator: 
  • Promotions Coordinator: 
  • Fundraising: 

Information & Technology Director: Timothy Conard

  • Information Broker: Brad Hessel
  • IT Coordinator: James Higgins
  • IT Coordinator: Matt Clements
  • Customer Relations Manager:
  • Website Manager:
  • Email Coordinator:
  • Interface Advisor:


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