Platform of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina

Adopted in Convention May 20, 2018
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Freedom is the natural condition of all people. But far too often, governments stifle innovation through regulation, subvert compassion through bureaucracy, and suppress achievement through economic manipulation—and in so doing, limit our potential to work together voluntarily in achieving shared success and individual fulfillment.

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina holds that state, county, and local governments should never stand in the way of the people of North Carolina—of who we are, who we can be, and what we can achieve—so long as each individual respects those same rights of others.

Personal Freedom and Individual Rights

War on Drugs

Since the beginning of the LPNC, we have called for the end to the policy of drug prohibition. While we do not advocate the use of recreational drugs, it has become obvious that the enforcement of drug prohibition is more harmful to society than the legal use of recreational drugs could ever be. We call for the legalization of all recreational drugs and the pardon of individuals convicted solely on nonviolent drug charges.

As a first step to proving the value of lifting these prohibitions, we call for the immediate legalization of marijuana production and use for medical, recreational, and industrial purposes in North Carolina.


The LPNC welcomes immigrants and migrants. People who are not U.S. citizens should enjoy equal treatment under the law, regardless of their immigration status. No official of the State of North Carolina should cooperate with or assist federal officials in enforcing federal laws which infringe on the liberty of travel, residence, and employment, such as immigration and emigration laws, mandatory identification papers, and work permits.

Self Defense

The LPNC acknowledges every individual's inalienable right to choose to own and carry firearms or other means of self-defense, without government licensing, registration, monitoring, or interference of any kind.

Marriage and Domestic Relationships

The LPNC calls for the immediate repeal of all laws that encourage or discourage any consensual sexual or family relationships. Additionally, the LPNC calls for the state to leave marriage and domestic relationships to religious institutions or private contracts.


The LPNC opposes any attempts by government to collect information on the people, except in the constitutionally required performance of its duties. All personal information gathered by government must be kept confidential, and not used or shared except directly for the purpose for which it was gathered.


The LPNC maintains that the safety, security, privacy, and integrity that cryptography achieves should not be encumbered, limited, or weakened by government. We contend that a free market pursuing quality and innovation in the best interest of its customers should never be forced to betray the trust of those customers by being compelled to weaken or degrade its offerings.

Death Penalty

The LPNC opposes execution of prisoners. State-sanctioned revenge never serves the cause of justice.

Free Association

The LPNC supports the right of individuals in any commercial or social circumstance to associate or not to associate with others as they see fit.

Economic Freedom, the Free Market, and Social Cooperation


The LPNC supports any attempt by parents and students to take control of their education. The state should uphold its NC constitutional mandate to ensure that children have access to a quality education by lifting the burden of regulation from private education and homeschooling and by allowing as much school choice as possible.


The LPNC proposes giving private enterprise the opportunity to come up with innovative transportation solutions without government interference. Current roads should be maintained by private enterprise until such time as they can be transferred to private ownership.


The LPNC calls for the elimination of all legislation or government regulation that forces individuals to participate or limits individuals options in medication, treatment or care of disease or condition. The LPNC calls for the elimination of public health services paid for through taxation in favor of more responsive, more efficient private charitable care with its long history of positive outcomes.

Occupational Licensing

The LPNC wants to foster more numerous, accessible, and equitable economic opportunities by eliminating state occupational licensing requirements. Broader access would offer greater opportunity for both producers and consumers, especially the economically and politically disadvantaged. We trust that enhanced competition would be more responsive to individual consumer needs and allow for a better distribution of resources.

Environment and Pollution

The LPNC calls for reforms to clearly declare the right of everyone to be free from pollution in their living and business situations and for prompt resolution of suits for damages. The best check on potential polluters is to provide an accessible and economic means for victims of pollution to compel full and complete compensation for all damage done by the polluter. However, only demonstrable damages to a person or specific group are actionable, and not vague fears of possible bad futures.

The ABC and the State Lottery

The LPNC calls for state government to cease operation of business in otherwise banned services such as alcohol distribution and gambling (lottery). The notion that lottery profits go to otherwise tax-funded education is a fraud upon the people. Private enterprise will serve customers of such services better and more fairly.

Corporate Welfare

The LPNC opposes any action by state or local government to subsidize the costs of private business. The free market is far more efficient than government at deciding which businesses most benefit North Carolinians.


The LPNC envisions a society based on individual responsibility. Government welfare programs have created a system that encourages dependency and is subject to abuse and corruption. Once people are free to keep all the money they earn, they will be able to offer direct individual aid that is truly compassionate. The LPNC favors ending government welfare programs as quickly as possible.

Zoning and Property Use

The LPNC calls for the repeal of all zoning ordinances. In their place, we uphold the rights of private owners to use and develop their property as they see fit, and the rights of their neighbors to be protected from any direct harm caused by such use. We call for the elimination of all laws that dictate to homeowners how they will build, inhabit, or use their property, and of all regulations that increase the costs of housing. We encourage people to establish private contractual relationships that promote harmonious land use and development.

Local Government Monopolies

The LPNC challenges local and county governments to allow private solutions for basic needs. We call for free and open competition in all areas that have been previously reserved to government-granted monopolies, including but not limited to utilities, police, and fire protection.

The Role of Government


The LPNC recognizes that all people have the basic right to keep the fruits of their labor and enterprise. Taxation is by its very nature a coercive and destructive act against the people. The costs of government should be paid by voluntary means only.


The LPNC calls for state and local governments to take action to pay off existing bonds as quickly as possible, and refrain from the issuance of new bonds.

Federal Grants

The LPNC calls for state and local governments to turn away all federal grants and the restrictions and mandates that come with them. We call on the federal government to release control and funding over these programs to the state and to the people.


The LPNC supports a redistricting process conducted by an independent, nonpartisan agency for all local, state, and federal districts. The process should be open and transparent. It should involve significant public input with the opportunity for citizens to weigh in on proposed district maps.

Ballot Access

The LPNC believes that the General Assembly should enact no law abridging the right of a constitutionally qualified person to be presented to the electorate via the ballot. The members of the General Assembly, being incumbents, should not “tip the scales” to favor themselves and their parties by imposing any burden on others beyond minimal administrative procedures.

Fair Elections

The LPNC calls for an end to all limits on a person’s right to support the constitutionally-eligible person of his choice. The right to freedom of expression must include the unrestricted right to pay for dissemination of one’s opinion.

Candidate Nominations

The LPNC holds that a political party, not the State, should be the sole determiner of who runs under its banner in an election. Parties should be able to select their candidates in any manner they choose, including primaries, conventions, caucuses, nominating committees, or even drawing straws. If the party decides to use primaries, that party and that party alone should conduct and pay for them.

Electoral Administration

The LPNC calls for establishment of an independent agency to administer all elections in North Carolina, replacing the bipartisan state and county boards of elections.

Criminal Law

The LPNC calls for repeal of all statutes that assert a crime has been committed in cases where no specific victim or damage to property can be identified. We also call for the immediate pardon of those convicted under such laws. The proper focus of a system of criminal justice is to require criminals to provide restitution to the victims of their crime. We recognize the right of the victim to come to a private settlement with, or even pardon, the criminal.

Jury Nullification

The LPNC recognizes the right of juries to judge not only the accused, but also the law through jury nullification. We favor requiring judges to inform juries of this right.

The Police

The LPNC calls for an end to warrantless searches of any kind, including homes or cars. The LPNC calls on local and state governments to reject the militarization of police forces, including the acquisition of military hardware. We call for investigation of all police officers involved in incidents in which a suspect is harmed, with the full consequences any non-officer would face.

Government Immunity

The LPNC believes that no government official, even when acting in pursuance of his official duties, should have immunity from the law.


The LPNC maintains that individuals’ justly-acquired property is theirs, and theirs alone, to direct, utilize, and dispose of as they see fit. We oppose preemptive and forceful takings, such as civil asset forfeiture—including sharing in such forfeitures—eminent domain, and involuntary taxation. We support commensurate restitution for individuals whose property has suffered demonstrable harm or loss of value because of government action or regulation.


The LPNC challenges the General Assembly to write bills that cover only one topic and that can be easily understood. We oppose riders, unrelated amendments, or any other attempt to pass legislation without a clear, open, and public consideration of the proposed law.

Sale of Government Lands and Assets

The LPNC calls for state and local governments to privatize lands and assets. We call for a fair and open process to liquidate these lands and assets at maximum value. The proceeds from these sales should be used to eliminate bond debt.


National Libertarian Party Platform

The LPNC affirms and adopts the platform of the national Libertarian Party.


In all matters where the LPNC does not take a position in this platform, the party shall always be in favor of the position that limits the role of government and protects the freedom of individuals.