Political Activism and Voting

OPINION By Susan Hogarth
Region 5 Representative to the Libertarian National Committee

For my Libertarian peeps stressing about how best to 'strategize' their vote:


Don't sweat it.


Voting is the lowest level of political activism. It's an activity for people who want to feel like they're making a difference but don't want to put in any real effort.


Sure, vote. It's a tool, use it against your oppressors. But it's not a particularly powerful tool.


What IS powerful is the effect you - as an activist - can have on other people. You can - by thinking, speaking, and acting - encourage THEM to think, speak, and act.


And THAT is where the real power lies. Voting is like an afterthought at that point.


Look, forget strategy. Vote - or don't - as you see best. Make sure you understand the write-in rules for your state, because in many places write-in votes for 'unqualified' are tossed (guess who decides who is qualified?)


But much more important than voting is time spent getting people engaged in thinking about politics. Get someone involved in your local LP. Start laying the groundwork to turn whatever contacts you have from this election into local activists.


Voting is the LEAST IMPORTANT thing a political activist can do (actually, the least important thing anyone can do, but whatever...). Maybe the next-to-least; worrying about who you're going to vote for might be less important :)


Don't worry too much about it. Do something IMPORTANT politically. Change some minds. Get some people active. Get and stay active yourself.


If your state allows it, vote early and get it out of the way so it's no longer a distraction.

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