Chelsea Kurtz

Town of Holly Ridge Council Member

My name is Chelsea Kurtz, and I am running for Holly Ridge Town Council.

I decided to run for town council because of Holly Ridge’s important intersection with growth and infrastructure. We are in a delicate position to do the right things for the future and I have the patience, determination, and forethought to make sure we embark on this venture properly and carefully.

The time is now to execute positive change in Holly Ridge.

It's time to get back to basics. We need to assess the needs of our community, and take the steps to address those needs, not fall whim to the desires of the few.

We have no emergency care, we barely have any business, we have no amenities. We need them, but we need them brought in responsibly.

Our little town requires more infrastructure, more commercial investment, and more residential growth to keep in pace with the growing community. But they must be done delicately, with a council that acts as a good steward of the people's tax money. 

Holly Ridge lacks diverse representation, it lacks servanthood to the constituents, and we need a council that is able to realize the vision at hand. The new council of 2024 will be extremely crucial to protecting and servicing the community for decades to come.

Holly Ridge is in desperate need of town council members who aren’t afraid of the some of the "old establishment" members currently running our locality. 

As a mother of a young child and a local business owner, I stand for my fellow neighbors to serve them with humility, dedication, and integrity.

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