Travis Groo For Holly Springs Town Council


Travis Groo is a dedicated father, a hard worker and an active member of the Holly Springs community. He believes in the power of freedom and prosperity for all, and is committed to making Holly Springs a better place for everyone to live and thrive. As a candidate for Holly Springs Town Council, Travis is passionate about making a real difference in the lives of his fellow residents.

Travis Groo is a principled and a self-motivated human, and a proud dad of two wonderful kids, who believes that hard work always pays off. He works towards a free, peaceful, and prosperous world where every individual has the opportunity to pursue their unique vision of a rewarding and enriching life. “We moved to Wake County from Atlanta back in 2013 and I don’t recall a single day in all these years living here that I wasn’t grateful we made that decision,” he says. “We have almost everything good about Atlanta here, and not much of what’s bad. While growth and change are inevitable, I am motivated to help preserve what’s great about our community for my family and neighbors here in Holly Springs.”

  • Housing Affordability: With Holly Springs so popular, rising property values are inevitable. We should avoid the path Raleigh took—using zoning regulations to restrict vast areas to single-family houses only—thus pricing their teachers, police, firemen, and other service professionals out of being able to afford to live where they work. As the Town continues to grow it’s vital to accommodate various housing options, including townhomes, duplexes, triplexes, and tiny homes. If our zoning regulations enable builders and owners to be creative with their property, supply and demand will be in better balance. 

  • Finances: We should always be mindful of who’s actually paying for things: it’s the people’s hard-earned money being spent. Bond-funded projects—which essentially are deferred tax increases—need close scrutiny, particularly now, with interest rates so high. We should get the public opinion and consent before moving forward on any project. I will put the taxpayer at the heart of all we do. We should seek sustainable outcomes, built on the foundation of doing the right thing, both financially and ethically.

  • Growth: Managing the inevitable growth that comes with living in such a desirable area is a challenge. Holly Springs is poised for tremendous opportunity that needs to be carefully managed and evaluated so we don’t have to fix something later. Let’s do it right the first time. I want Holly Springs to grow in a responsible manner, which means also protecting private property rights.

  • Environment: The traditional Victory Garden is a well-known American tradition. The value of the home garden for supplementing our diets with fresh produce, teaching horticultural skills, and fostering a broader respect for our environment is immeasurable. Additionally, community garden tours bring us closer together as neighbors and friends. I will work to foster this and remove barriers to home farms. We must also work together with volunteers to establish functional native (xeriscape) habitat islands throughout our beautiful town.

Travis Groo
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