Tar Heel Libertarian - June 2023

Volume 3, Issue 9 | June 2023

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws." ― Ayn Rand

In this Issue... 

In our June 2023 issue, we have our best collection of articles since we started back up last September. Josh shows how insane control is in some of our institutions through an overheard conversation. Eric Rowell exposes police eschewing accountability, Justin tears apart tired analogies in 2A Talk, and Rob reflects on a year as Communications Director. We have a guest OpEd on term limits from the Forward Party, the text from a speech Jared Wall gave at the Mises Club Carolinas recent event, and a fascinating discussion with Bryce Acer in Chair Chats.

We have some hugely important events coming up soon and a new podcast. We remind you that it is about tie to decide if you want to run for office. And we have one of the most poignant and pointed takedowns exposing the direct impact ofwell-intentioned state tyranny, in our discussion with Tate Mayo, Libertarian and Mayor Of Tarboro, NC. 


From the Chair

Monthly message from the Chair of your Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee.

Featured Articles

Timely ruminations, calls to action, extraordinary insights, and so much more in the articles featured in the Tar Heel Libertarian.

LP in NC

Members of your LPNC are doing big things around the state, and we capture it all right here. Chek out Mike Ross on Dr. Dan's Freedom ForumRadio, David Hoesly in the Gaston Gazette. 

Running for Office this Year?

We need candidates. It's time to register. We are here to help!

Liberty lovers! If you want to register to run for political office this year, 2023, it is almost time to do so.

Click here to see registration dates and other details.

Then reach out to let us know you're running, at [email protected]. You might be surprised how much success you can have. Our interview in County Corner is with Tate Mayo, elected mayor of Tarboro, NC, and Libertarian success story.

If you need some more insight, check out Season 3, Episode 3 of Liberty iNC, where Larry Sharpe specifically talks about running for office as a Libertarian. 

We need candidates. We have resources to help. But you won't know if you don't try.

Liberty iNC

Your rights, all the time. Nothing more, nothing less, no exceptions. Simple as that.

Welcome back to the third season of Liberty iNC, your Liberty-lynchpin, constitutional-crossroads, posh-porcupine-perspective podcast. This season, we have an extraordinary lineup of guests that some people are saying might be the best lineup in the whole history of podcasting, which we can neither confirm nor deny.

If you like it, let us know at [email protected]. And if you don’t like it, let us know then too. We welcome feedback, critiques, ideas, and suggestions. And if it's something you think might interest you in helping out, we have plenty of interesting stuff to do.

Keep an eye out for a new episode each weekend.


Rally to Save Faith, Hope and Love

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Saturday, June 17, 12 Noon.

Come make your voice heard and stand up for Pastor Moses Colbert against the tyrants in Gastonia! We have said so much about this terrible situation. If you aren't convinced now, we have nothing more to say. It is time to make our voices heard. Come to the Rally to Save Pastor Moses' Faith, Hope, and Love ministry.

NC Stop Torture Now

The Libertarian Party of NC (LPNC) supports North Carolina Stop Torture Now (NCSTN) as an organization. NCSTN is holding an event which is also sponsored by LPNC.

WHAT: Vigil for Torture Accountability

WHERE: Johnston Regional Airport, home of Aero Contractors, the CIA's "torture taxi" airline

WHEN: Monday, June 26, 2023, 4:00 to 6:00 pm

WHY: June 26 is UN International Day in Solidarity with the Victims of Torture. The U.S. has never held itself accountable for its program of systematic kidnapping and torture in the so-called "war on terror." North Carolina has never acknowledged its vital role in providing pilots and planes to kidnap people and haul them to torture chambers. The CIA used Aero Contractors, its proprietary aviation company headquartered at the Johnston County Airport, for at least 49 of these kidnappings.We insist that the state investigate Aero Contractors, which may still be carrying out human rights abuses using public infrastructure.

PLAN: On June 26, 2023, we will join thousands of people across the U.S. and around the world in demanding that the U.S. close Guantanamo and hold itself accountable for the terrible acts of disappearance and torture it has committed. We will rally from 4:00 to 5:00 pm at the corner of Highway 70 and Swift Creek Road, just outside the Johnston County Airport. Then we will process with banners along Swift Creek Road to Aero Contractors' gates at the south edge of the airport.

For more information, send email to [email protected].

Seeking new affiliate team members!

The LPNC affiliate team is seeking regional liaisons to assist counties or regions in becoming official affiliates of the LPNC. Liaisons are responsible for following up with local organizers, as well as keeping open communication with those already active. They serve as coordinators between local groups and the LPNC; offering guidance, sharing information and resources, and updating contact information. They should be organized, with strong communication skills, and the willingness to attend virtual, bi-weekly meetings and work collectively to give updates, resolve issues, and find new opportunities.

Meetings are every other Monday at 8 PM.

Please e-mail Kimberly Acer at [email protected] if you are interested!

Chair Chats

Each month, the Tar Heel sits down with the Chair of a county affiliate. We discuss our personal stories, humble Libertarian roots, the latest developments in that county, and what we can expect in the future. In June, we hear from Bryce Acer, Pender County Chair, about how they've had so much success in their activism, and how they plan to build on that momentum.  

Candidate Spotlight

Governor candidate Mike Ross on his experience at the Carthage Buggy Festival, and how important it is to connect with people. 

2A Talk

All things second amendment from the LPNC's 2A issues liaison, Justin Hinckley. This month, he dismantles a silly, old analogy.

County Corner

A fascinating interview with Tarboro, NC Mayor, Libertarian Tate Mayo

Full June edition

PDF copy here as well

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The Tar Heel is honored to promote the endeavors of LPNC members. Check out Fox Knob Farm, for Libertaria-owned, heritage breed pastured pork. And then tune into Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum Radio to set the mood for your delicious meal from Fox Knob.    

 Get Involved

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Managing Editor - Rob Yates, LPNC Communications Director

Staff Writer - Joshua D. Glawson, LPNC Strategic Communications Adviser

2A Editor - Justin Hinckley, LPNC Second Amendment Issues Coordinator

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