LP in NC (June 2023)

Apparently our rulers in local government failed elementary-school arithmetic.

They are proposing a county property tax rate of 0.61 and a city rate of 0.47, per $100 of assessed value.

Suppose you had a house assessed at $200k in 2022, and the assessment went up by 66% in 2023 (as mine did).

In 2022 you would have paid property tax of $1620 to the county and $1040 to the city.

But in 2023, our “leaders” say you’ll pay $2062 to the county and $1589 to the city, up 27% and 53% respectively, for a total tax bill increase of 37%. In


But of course our rulers aren’t stupid. Avaricious, yes; stupid, no.

So we COULD all be obedient little subjects, and continue to vote in Republicans and Democrats, ignoring Einstein’s line that the definition of insanity is

doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Or is it time to elect Libertarian Party candidates?

David Hoesly, Member of Gaston County Libertarian Party

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