Huntersville Liberty Warrior Eric Rowell

Eric catches the police directly in violation of their own rules, arbitrary though they may be, but, as usual, it looks like no one will be held accountable. Read Eric's note below, and then check to see if your speeding ticket was given legally.

Government is made up of people, and people are not perfect. Some of these people in government have been granted the power to seize your person or property, so people in government should always be held accountable when they abuse their power.

This isn't exactly groundbreaking stuff for the readers of this newsletter, but the recent story involving a Huntersville Police Officer stopping motorists allegedly for speeding while having an expired radar certification is a good example of why we all have to be vigilant in monitoring abuses of power. I am a staunch advocate for being involved in your local government because this is where the majority of us can have the greatest impact in reducing the size of government (or at least limiting its growth).

But for my consistent focus on the local over the past few years, this story would have very likely had a different outcome for the 25 motorists involved who ultimately had their tickets dismissed by the DA when this evidence came to light. An anonymous source provided me information that lead directly to Huntersville Police having to admit their error and take corrective action.

By consistently holding local government accountable over the years, I have established enough credibility that people in the community reach out to me with concerns - you can become this person in your community. Start by making sure you know when your local town board meetings are, then make sure you're receiving notice of the agenda and agenda packets for upcoming meetings, start reviewing those agendas, know who your local electeds and department heads are, know what is in your local budget, start asking questions, start asking for records, and find somewhere to start gathering an audience to share information about your local government with.

If your efforts can result in protecting even one person from government abuse, it's time well spent. 

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