Gheorghe Cormos - May 2024

Gheorghe Cormos - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 3

I Rise in Support of Binary Logic … and a Parents’ Bill of Rights

"I only mention it because sometimes, there's a man and I don't say hero, because what's a hero? But sometimes, there's a man and I'm talking about the dude here. Sometimes there's a man, and he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there, and that's …" -The Big Lebowski

Sen. Graig Meyer, State Senator, NC Senate District 23, to whom we can attribute this dribble of wisdom:

"Imagine an elementary school classroom filled with kids who are bursting with curiosity. Under the [proposed] North Carolina Parents Bill of Rights, that wide-eyed wonderment would be muted. This bill would restrict teachers’ ability to discuss concepts of gender identity or sexuality, although they could answer questions that students ask. What happens when one student’s question leads to a slew of questions from others? A good teacher responds to these inquiring minds by reading aloud from an age-appropriate book. Yet, that teaching moment would also be prohibited under this bill."

This is exactly the type of inappropriate behavior that we are talking about.

Previously what was subject matter fit only for adults, and some might say even that was a bit bold, is now being freely encouraged and indoctrinated to our children under the auspice of divine enlightenment. Shall we break up into tribes? Is that the compromise? Except that, instead of the haves and have nots, we might as well just privatize everything and start funding education down party lines? While perhaps neither of those might be the best idea yet, and could possibly be detrimental to societal and social cohesion, it does beg the question, are there more than two sexes?

Because, essentially, this is what the conversation boils down to. That and our general openness to exhibitionism. Forgive me for being blunt, but news bits such as "The new state budget’s net appropriation for education is $17.3 billion in 2023-24" gives one pause when we then read "Over the next eight years, the North Carolina General Assembly is slated to spend $5.5 billion on private school vouchers." By my beleaguered math, that makes Private Education about 4 percent of the total amount being paid over, as was graciously pointed out, the NEXT 8 YEARS!!!

So yeah, I would like my voucher, because it's my money, and not yours, and certainly not to be used to facilitate Sen. Meyer's Neverland Ranch.

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