Gheorghe Cormos - April 2024

100 Million Digital Souls for the Empire!

by: Gheorghe Cormos - candidate for U.S. Congress N.C. District 3

On January 24, 1972, the last Japanese soldier, still holding out from WWII, was found and brought in from his hideout in the hills of Guam. That in it of itself is eyebrow raising, how one man could be so disciplined to his warrior code. More interesting, however, was the documentary in which this gentleman explained his confusion, and perhaps dismay, upon returning to his home. He re-told that among citizens, the common greeting before he deployed was "100 million souls for the emperor," as it was the duty of every Patriot to give everything for the glory of Rome... I mean land of the Rising Sun.

Fast forward to April 16, 2024, and the headline reads "The House narrowly rejected a warrant requirement in a bill that reauthorizes FISA Section 702 for two years."A man can only help but wonder at this point, "What else for the glory of the Empire my Liege?"

It would seem that our ever-concerned, jealous, and loving Big Brother still yet sees danger and peril from which we helpless souls must be protected. Not that the world is all sunshine and rainbows. Turn on any anxiety inducing news media and you'll be brought right up to speed. The issue is that the list of "asks" from our overlords seems to never end (i.e., "two weeks to flatten the curve," "Saddam has WMDs so we must invade," "If we don’t bailout the banks, life as we know will end," "inflation is transitory..."). While at the same time, the list of rights, quite literally and explicitly written and provided for in the Bill of Rights, seems to diminish and fade into the nothingness of history and time.

As I sat dismayed and perplexed at the results, I was encouraged by one thought, surely, this is a representative democracy, and my Representative, NC-3 Greg Murphy (R), will come riding in at the last minute to save the day. Afterall, we both live in a rather conservative and freedom loving district. Surely, the policies which I have heard his political team, the good 'ol GOP, would agree, that asking the government to respect constitutionally guaranteed rights, was in fact, not that big of an ask from the voting peasantry, I mean citizenry.

Yet as I sit and file my taxes during yet another glorious tax season; and as I pay my car property taxes to support the empire; and as my home insurance costs increase; and as my county tax assessors year-after-year congratulate me with my home’s rising taxable value; ….

I raise my gaze upon a distant land,
Form where all power and edicts go forth,
Out of curiosity really, nothing grand,
I witnessed my Rep., valiantly clothed,
Mount an impressive tactical advance to the rear
Where it was a vote ending in 212-212,
And literally one vote the other way would have brought to all a little cheer,
Twas as if on the wind it was brought to me,
The battle cry, purportedly on my behalf you see,
and I thought I heard a voice demand:
"What orders from Mordor my Lord? What does the Eye command?"

Greg Murphy hates your freedom.

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