Rally in Gastonia, NC (Homelessness, justice & compassion)

For too long, government has refused to show justice and compassion for our homeless population. Please join the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and Pastor Moses Colbert for a third joint rally at 5pm on May 3rd at 181 S South Street, Gastonia NC 28052, where we will:

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The Hidden Cost in Medicaid Expansion

by Dee Watson
Libertarian for NC Senate 16

The politicians who argue that Medicaid expansion is “a no-brainer” and will cost nothing either are ignorant of the actual ramifications or deliberately ignore them.

These politicians don’t want to admit the possibility that some people will lose their subsidy on the health exchange, that families may lose their homes to repay expenses, or that millionaires may receive Medicaid.

For people 55 and older, Medicaid is not free health insurance. It’s a loan. In some cases, it has aspects of a predatory loan. Most people don’t know this. Politicians ignore this provision, but it’s disingenuous even to discuss expansion until people understand Medicaid Recovery.

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The Redemption of the S-Word

Opinion by Phil Jacobson

The term “secession”, in the United States of America (USA), has generally been associated with the American Civil War. The concept of secession, the act whereby a sub-section of a political unit breaks away from that unit to form a separate unit, is actually a common one in USA history. Yet the word “secession” is generally not used when describing anything other than the unsuccessful attempts at separation by the short lived Confederate States of America (CSA). Recent events are shifting this pattern.

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Do Vaccine Mandates Protect Health or Threaten Freedom?

At the 2022 Libertarian Party of North Carolina state convention, Dr. Mary Ruwart presented a talk: Do Vaccine Mandates Protect Our Health or Threaten Our Freedoms?

Dr. Ruwart is a biomedical researcher, ethicist, author, and libertarian activist. She has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a doctorate in biophysics. She worked as a pharmaceutical research scientist for Upjohn Pharmaceuticals for 19 years.

Dr. Ruwart presented legitimate scientific data in the talk and did not speculate or draw any conclusions. Yet YouTube blocked the video posted to the LPNC channel. 

As a result, the LPNC has set up a new video account on Rumble.com. You can see Dr. Ruwart's talk here


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