The Party’s Over

Commentary by Brad Hessel

Well, ok, maybe not quite yet. But the hosts are clearly cranky, and the guests are leaving in droves. In fact, three decades of consistently faster growth in the ranks of non-party-going independents in North Carolina will soon culminate in a significant milestone: they will become the largest block of registered voters. No one currently alive can remember when the Democrats weren't No. 1 in North Carolina.

This marks a sea change.

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Gerrymandering is Bad No Matter Who Does It

Commentary by Brian Irving

Partisan gerrymandering is bad for democracy – whether done by a legislature dominated by one party or a court dominated by another party.

The state Supreme Court’s ruling that legislative maps are unconstitutional ignores the plain language of the state constitution to serve a political end. The Democratic justices dismissed the judgment of a bipartisan trial court panel, which twice dismissed the lawsuits, to create a new protected class – partisan voters.

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School Choice is Freedom

Travis Groo, WakeLP chair, is passionate about parents deciding the best method of education for their kids. "Every child learns differently, and at different paces," he writes in an article posted on "There is no one size fits all curriculum, unless I just haven’t discovered it yet (if you find it, please do send it my way).

"One thing I do know for certain though is that I do not want the state dictating how, when, and where my kids learn. Perhaps some of you feel the same?"

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RockLP Adopts Highway

From the RockLP Facebook page

The Libertarian Party of Rockingham County has adopted a highway!

One of our founding principles and a primary reason that we exist is to improve our home community. Caring for our natural environment is one way that we can protect our small section of this planet for future generations.

Volunteerism is a basic expression of human relationships. It is about people's need to participate in their societies and to feel that they matter to others.

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