Casteen Proud of Libertarian Ideals

Casteen_HighRes_Photo.jpgWesley Casteen, Libertarian candidate in the U.S. 7th Congressional district said he was disappointed, but not surprised, that voters acted by “rote and habit” and voted for the “lesser of two evils.” 

“While the election results were as expected, I was eagerly hoping to have been proven wrong in those expectations,” he said. “Our campaign spread a message of 'Maximum Liberty with Minimal Government,' and I have even more confidence today in the accuracy and importance of those concepts.” 

“Unfortunately, the electorate acted entirely consistent with my expectations,” he said. “Despite years of disappointment in a federal government which has proven itself to be woefully inefficient and utterly ineffective, the electorate once again chose to maintain the status quo and stayed course with the devil that it knew.” 

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Libertarians Play Key Role in Highly Contested Races

In addition to our own Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidates may have decided the winner in at least five other federal and governor races, despite record-shattering spending levels in support of the Democratic and Republican candidates. 


Each race where a Libertarian threatens to affect the outcome of an election puts pressure on the old parties to move in a Libertarian direction by reducing government's size, scope, and authority.

It's also a sign that more Americans reject the argument that there's any substantial difference between Democratic and Republican politicians. Voters are seeing that which of the two wins is of little consequence.

At least six Libertarians beat the spread between the Democrat and Republican by a two-to-one margin or greater: Robert Sarvis for U.S. Senate in Virginia, Dan Feliciano for governor in Vermont, Adrian Wyllie for governor in Florida, Sean Haugh for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, Carolyn ("Care") Clift for governor in Alaska, and Steven Laird for the 2nd U.S. House district in Nebraska.

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2014 Election Results: RIP Spoiler Myth

The 2014 Election is over and the myth that Libertarians “steal” votes or “spoil” races for the establishment parties may have been finally put to rest, or at least given it a near fatal blow.

“I do hope y'all will rethink this inane spoiler narrative after tonight,” said Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate. “I'm feeling great about tonight's results. We made a statement today that will only grow in future elections.”

Haugh said he thought the Libertarian vote now has become the swing vote, noting his totals were greater than the margin of difference between Republican Thom Tillis and incumbent Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan.

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Haugh: It's Time to Vote for Me

Libertarian Sean Haugh says "It's time to vote for me" for U.S. Senate.

“You'll feel a lot of pressure these last few days to pick the lesser of two evils.” Haugh said. “Stand firm and vote for me.” 

“Win or lose, by voting for me you are sending a message to the Democrats and Republicans that they will have to be more libertarian and more peaceful if they ever want to win another election.”

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