Libertarians Play Key Role in Highly Contested Races

In addition to our own Sean Haugh, Libertarian candidates may have decided the winner in at least five other federal and governor races, despite record-shattering spending levels in support of the Democratic and Republican candidates. 


Each race where a Libertarian threatens to affect the outcome of an election puts pressure on the old parties to move in a Libertarian direction by reducing government's size, scope, and authority.

It's also a sign that more Americans reject the argument that there's any substantial difference between Democratic and Republican politicians. Voters are seeing that which of the two wins is of little consequence.

At least six Libertarians beat the spread between the Democrat and Republican by a two-to-one margin or greater: Robert Sarvis for U.S. Senate in Virginia, Dan Feliciano for governor in Vermont, Adrian Wyllie for governor in Florida, Sean Haugh for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, Carolyn ("Care") Clift for governor in Alaska, and Steven Laird for the 2nd U.S. House district in Nebraska.

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