Casteen Proud of Libertarian Ideals

Casteen_HighRes_Photo.jpgWesley Casteen, Libertarian candidate in the U.S. 7th Congressional district said he was disappointed, but not surprised, that voters acted by “rote and habit” and voted for the “lesser of two evils.” 

“While the election results were as expected, I was eagerly hoping to have been proven wrong in those expectations,” he said. “Our campaign spread a message of 'Maximum Liberty with Minimal Government,' and I have even more confidence today in the accuracy and importance of those concepts.” 

“Unfortunately, the electorate acted entirely consistent with my expectations,” he said. “Despite years of disappointment in a federal government which has proven itself to be woefully inefficient and utterly ineffective, the electorate once again chose to maintain the status quo and stayed course with the devil that it knew.” 

“Despite a dissatisfaction rating for Congress exceeding 80 percent, many voters acted by rote and habit in choosing between the establishment’s political duopoly and in making an unsatisfying choice between what they perceived to be the lesser of two evils.” 

“I am extremely proud of the Libertarian ideals, which were presented by our campaign, and the related message received a well deserved airing due to the commendable efforts of numerous volunteers, friends, and supporters,” he said. “I will continue to spread the word and make this information available to all, who may consider 'Classical Liberalism,” as a preferred alternative to the untenable status quo.” 

“Once again, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this endeavor possible and who eagerly supported Casteen for Congress.” he concludes. “I hope that I proved myself to be a candidate worthy of your confidence and support.”

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