Tar Heel Libertarian - July 2023

Volume 3, Issue 10 | July 2023

"God save the Queen, man." ― Joe Biden, current U.S. President

In this Issue... 

In our July 2023 issue, we look forward and look back. Ryan shares an old reflection on being Libertarian from the Tar Heel in the 70s, and then asks that everyone get involved with campaign season. This is a common theme with registration only open for another week, and everyone who is running in need of support, volunteers, and donors. As a bonus this month, Art by Karla has allowed us to run her comic on the disgusting Gastonia city government.

Communications Director Rob Yates continues to reflect on a year in the role. Trevor Miles points out the utter tyranny of the Border Patrol and the wayward Supreme Court case supporting that tyranny, and offers solutions. Deborah Reese, proud co-owner of Fox Knob Farm, highlights the issues the state has created for local farmers. And 2A Issues Coordinator Justin Hinckley delivers his best article yet. We round it off with LP in NC and an updated Liberty iNC catalogue.


From the Chair

Monthly message from the Chair of your Libertarian Party of North Carolina Executive Committee.

Featured Articles

Timely ruminations, calls to action, extraordinary insights, and so much more in the articles featured in the Tar Heel Libertarian.

LP in NC

Members of your LPNC are doing big things around the state, and we capture it all right here. Chek out Mike Ross on Dr. Dan's Freedom ForumRadio, David Hoesly in the Gaston Gazette. 

Running for Office this Year?

We need candidates. It's time to register. We are here to help!

Liberty lovers! If you want to register to run for political office this year, 2023, it is almost time to do so.

Click here to see registration dates and other details.

Then reach out to let us know you're running. You might be surprised how much success you can have.

We need candidates. We have resources to help. But you won't know if you don't try.

Liberty iNC

Your rights, all the time. Nothing more, nothing less, no exceptions. Simple as that.

Keep an eye out for a new episode each week.

Seeking new affiliate team members!

The LPNC affiliate team is seeking regional liaisons to assist counties or regions in becoming official affiliates of the LPNC. Liaisons are responsible for following up with local organizers, as well as keeping open communication with those already active. They serve as coordinators between local groups and the LPNC; offering guidance, sharing information and resources, and updating contact information. They should be organized, with strong communication skills, and the willingness to attend virtual, bi-weekly meetings and work collectively to give updates, resolve issues, and find new opportunities.

Meetings are every other Monday at 8 PM.

Please e-mail Kimberly Acer at [email protected] if you are interested!

2A Talk

All things second amendment from the LPNC's 2A issues liaison, Justin Hinckley. This month, he dismantles a silly, old analogy.

Full July edition

PDF copy here as well

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Support your Fellow Libertarians

The Tar Heel is honored to promote the endeavors of LPNC members. Check out Fox Knob Farm, for Libertaria-owned, heritage breed pastrued pork. And then tuen in to Dr. Dan's Freedom Forum Radio to set the mood for your delicious meal from Fox Knob.    

 Get Involved

Do you oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals? Do you challenge the cult of the omnipotent state and wish to defend the rights of the individual? Are you already Libertarian, but you want to do more and you aren’t sure how? We are entirely dependent on the hard work and sacrifice of our dedicated volunteers. Here's your chance to join the team. Every little but makes a huge difference.

Managing Editor - Rob Yates, LPNC Communications Director

Staff Writer - Joshua D. Glawson, LPNC Strategic Communications Adviser

2A Editor - Justin Hinckley, LPNC Second Amendment Issues Coordinator

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