LP in NC (July 2023)

LP in NC

On July 4th, Americans observe—and, I hope, celebrate—Independence Day.

Independence is just that—dependence on no one else. Sure, the leftists (excuse me for being politically incorrect; I meant “progressives”) tout the term “interdependence” (which means, after all, “dependence”) but true independence means others are not forced to provide for your wants, nor are you forced to provide for theirs.

Voluntary trade, certainly. Adherence to contracts, certainly. But there should be no government involvement in transferring, by force, wealth from those who have earned it to those who have not (but who are usually politically well-connected).

Independence is a core tenet of Libertarianism, and one of the reasons I’m proud to be a member of the Libertarian Party of Gaston County!

David Hoesly, Member of Gaston County Libertarian Party

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