Union County Libertarian Party (December 2022)

Adopt a Highway


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Raleigh Gun Show (January 2023)

Our last tabling event of 2022 was the Raleigh, N.C. Capital City Gun Show. The LPNC had a particularly successful 2022, tabling and attending events around our beautiful state, and we could not be happier with how we closed it out.

Dedicated LPNC members gave their time to host the table, where they met Liberty-minded individuals, talked shop, taught a few things and learned more, and ended up getting several people to sign up for more information on the party. Thank you to the volunteers for running a smooth and successful table at this event. We are looking forward to more in 2023, so come join us when you can!

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Charity Lasagna Luncheon for Pastor Moses (December 2022)

Since October of last year, the LPNC has been supporting the efforts of Pastor Moses, whose selfless ministry to people who have the least was shut down by the City of Gastonia. Pastor Moses spoke out after Gastonia police arrested Iraq veteran Joshua Rohrer for being homeless, an event which led to the death of his service dog, Sunshine. The city shut his church down shortly after.

Pastor Moses is raising money for his ministry to the homeless, including efforts to transport two donated trailers, which he will use to provide shelter and much more.

On Saturday, December 10, LPNC Treasurer Mike Ross displayed extraordinary culinary talents, making a huge lasagna meal for a fundraiser co-hosted by Pastor Moses' ministry and 2020 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Spike Cohen's organization, You Are the Power. Mike has been leading the charge for justice for Joshua and Pastor Moses from the beginning, and Spike has been perhaps the biggest advocate, tirelessly showing up to city council meetings and other events.

Pastor Moses told the Tarheel, "What we’re doing at this fundraiser here today, it really lifts our spirits because of what a big help it will be to the homeless and to the needy community, and I’m just excited. You have no idea, to have guys like Mike, and Joe, and Spike, and Brandon and all the guys that came out today to help support this cause, it’s priceless. I’m so humbled, I’m so honored, and I’m so thankful, especially when I think about how it’s going to get cold here in the next few days. Having these trailers is imperative to keep people safe and help preserve life when the weather changes."

"And we're going to use them for an educational component as well, so people can get their GED, continue their education, learn a trade. Really, it’s limitless what we can do now, having these trailers. Thank you for being here and allowing me to share this."

The event raised nearly $8000, which is enough to transport the trailers. However, there is much more to do, and you can contribute here.

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State Fair November 2022

Many volunteers gave their time and energy in October to the LPNC’s most consistent and fulfilling outreach event - the NC State Fair in Raleigh. Spearheading the ten-day effort was Brad Hessel with the backing of many Wake County Libertarians, but volunteers came from as far as Charlotte and beyond.

The Party has been tabling at the Fair for two decades, after having to threaten to sue the state for table space. We’ve come a long way from being stuck in the back hallway of Dorton Arena, and people look forward to seeing us every year, whether to check on candidates, have a stimulating sparring session, or pick up some swag. This year we had t-shirts, campaign literature, rainbow gadsden flags, and more available. We spoke to thousands of folks, made some new friends, and showed voters that the Libertarian Party is here to stay.

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Cape Fear Libertarian Party Adopt a Highway, November 2022

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Mecklenburg County Pride Parade

by Steven DiFiore

Pride 1The crowds were large after a two-year hiatus, which isn't surprising given the cabin fever induced by pandemic fears and lockdowns. In any case, the Charlotte PRIDE festival has returned to the Queen City and with more than 275,000 attendees, a record setting number, over the course of the weekend it was clear to all that the hunger for such a celebration remained alive and well. Not only were attendance numbers elevated for this twenty-year Charlotte tradition, but also the mood and energy of the folks who walked around checking out each booth that lined the streets of Uptown Charlotte was electric.

In the midst of generic blue or white pop tents, the gold and black canopy of the Libertarian Party of Mecklenburg County's booth shone with distinction. An AstroTurf "lawn" beneath the canopy contributed to a novel and welcoming political outreach style. Though the heat was stifling at times and the threat of rain hung over the festivities on Sunday, the intrepid volunteers of the Libertarian Party booth had some of the best outreach success of the past year.

LPMeck Pride 2Charlotte, a volunteer and At-Large Committee member, used her past experience hawking wares at Renaissance Fairs to great effect, engaging passers-by in a friendly and lively manner. Jeff Scott, Mecklenburg LP Chair, and I, both long time volunteers, availed ourselves of years of experience to promote the Party and our work, highlighting future opportunities for and with our organization. If the fact that our sizable cache of Libertarian Party Swag items was completely depleted by the end of the weekend is any indication, our efforts were well received. This engagement was much more than merely handing out rainbow Gadsden Flag hand fans or applying colorful Torch of Liberty temporary tattoos.

Our World’s Smallest Political Quiz display, prominently set up at the front of the booth was by far our best conversation starter. Over 300 people took the time to fill out the quiz and have a conversation about both the questions and what Libertarians are all about. These conversations are, of course, the most vital part in any outreach effort. It spreads awareness of our Party, the Movement, and the philosophies at play in equal measure. The quiz is also fun, or, at least the hundreds of folks we spoke with over the course of the weekend seemed to think so. For many, placing a sticker (who doesn't love stickers after all) on the political landscape board is where our outreach ended. With a heartfelt thanks for a fun experience, they moved on to sample other parts of the festival.

However, a few wanted to know more and those remain for me as the best moments of the whole weekend. From meeting a UNC Charlotte student interested in starting a University Club to an apolitical small business owner who is interested in single-issue coalitions around local zoning and land use policy, these encounters open the door to some interesting future prospects for our Party Affiliate. We connected happily even with those who are still unsure about everything our Party stands for, or anything outside the Team Red/Team Blue paradigm, which led to fruitful conversations. Rather than engage in argument or debate, and always resisting the urge to "own the Libs" in this case, our volunteers walked the path of dialectic and mutual respect. Even when we couldn't find points of meaningful agreement, which is very rare, by never getting angry, frustrated, or mean, both parties found that points of disagreement were merely that, a minor point of disagreement. No one bore hard feelings either way and our interlocutors always walked away feeling good about their interactions.

That's what it is all about really, leaving a lasting and positive impression in the hearts and minds of those we meet. Our Party Affiliate has seen amazing growth this past year and with the many new connections we have made during this year's Charlotte PRIDE festival we are looking forward to continued growth and fostering positive meaningful change in our communities.

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Cape Fear Affiliate Bonfire

-Kim Acer

The Cape Fear Libertarian Party, a collaboration of Onslow, Pender, New Hanover, and Brunswick County affiliates, held "Freedom Fire Fest" on October 8. The event began with a county budget workshop, followed by a 2nd Amendment update from the LPNC's 2A Liaison, Justin Hinckley. Late afternoon speakers were Mike ter Maat, 2024 LP presidential candidate, and widely respected Libertarian Jacob Hornberger.

Following afternoon portion, the group moved locations to enjoy a catered BBQ dinner. All attendees were invited to "be the spark," and participate in lighting the evening's bonfire. With perfect fall weather and a nearly full moon, the event brought on an opportunity to meet new faces and converse with old friends. Some attendees camped overnight as well.

The Cape Fear Libertarian Party would like to thank all those who attended and participated in making this event a success!

Cape Fear 1

Cape Fear 2

Cape Fear 3

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