Committee Overview

After the 2014 LPNC State Convention, there was broad consensus that the Party platform—modified that year and slated for further discussion in 2016—should be revised in a more comprehensive manner. The plank edit process had, over the years, lead to some lack of focus and organization. Our goal is to sharpen and enhance the platform; making it more relevant and more purposeful. 

The Committee is taking the unenviable task of proposing such a change.  

With a strong desire to make our process transparent and inclusive, proposals will be posed here for delegates to review and discuss well ahead of convention.

Draft Proposals

The following proposals have been identified, drafted, discussed, and voted upon by the 

  • Preamble
  • Personal Freedom and Individual Rights
  • Economic Freedom, the Free Market and Social Cooperation
  • The Role of Government

Request for Additional Volunteers

Wether you have broad libertarian principles or care deeply about a specific issue, the Platform Committee would like you to be involved in organizing, crafting and reviewing our 2016 proposals. There are a number of ways you can contribute:

  1. Passionate about a single issue, like education or the environment? With a minimal time and effort commitment, you can contribute to a single platform plank. 
  2. Want to advise on proposals but cannot commit to a full committee membership? Join our advisory group to give input on the scope and structure of the platform. (Open to 2016 LPNC Convention delegates.)
  3. Have the time to make a significant contribution to the shape and direction of the platform? Join the committee. We meet periodically (mostly online) and work together using email and online collaboration tools.

If you are interested in contributing, visit our volunteer signup page.

2016 Platform Committee Members

  • Kenneth Penkowski (Current/Interim Chair)
  • Barbara Howe (former Chair)
  • Tim Cole
  • Susan Hogarth
  • Tom Howe
  • Phil Jacobson
  • Windy McKinney
  • Aaron Michel
  • J.J. Summerell (Chair LPNC)
  • John Gregory Vincent

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