Charity Lasagna Luncheon for Pastor Moses (December 2022)

Since October of last year, the LPNC has been supporting the efforts of Pastor Moses, whose selfless ministry to people who have the least was shut down by the City of Gastonia. Pastor Moses spoke out after Gastonia police arrested Iraq veteran Joshua Rohrer for being homeless, an event which led to the death of his service dog, Sunshine. The city shut his church down shortly after.

Pastor Moses is raising money for his ministry to the homeless, including efforts to transport two donated trailers, which he will use to provide shelter and much more.

On Saturday, December 10, LPNC Treasurer Mike Ross displayed extraordinary culinary talents, making a huge lasagna meal for a fundraiser co-hosted by Pastor Moses' ministry and 2020 Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee Spike Cohen's organization, You Are the Power. Mike has been leading the charge for justice for Joshua and Pastor Moses from the beginning, and Spike has been perhaps the biggest advocate, tirelessly showing up to city council meetings and other events.

Pastor Moses told the Tarheel, "What we’re doing at this fundraiser here today, it really lifts our spirits because of what a big help it will be to the homeless and to the needy community, and I’m just excited. You have no idea, to have guys like Mike, and Joe, and Spike, and Brandon and all the guys that came out today to help support this cause, it’s priceless. I’m so humbled, I’m so honored, and I’m so thankful, especially when I think about how it’s going to get cold here in the next few days. Having these trailers is imperative to keep people safe and help preserve life when the weather changes."

"And we're going to use them for an educational component as well, so people can get their GED, continue their education, learn a trade. Really, it’s limitless what we can do now, having these trailers. Thank you for being here and allowing me to share this."

The event raised nearly $8000, which is enough to transport the trailers. However, there is much more to do, and you can contribute here.

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