Tax Day Relief: Extended Early-Bird Tickets for 2019 LPNC Convention

It's Convention Time for North Carolina Libertarians! DID YOU FORGET THAT EARLY BIRD PRICING ENDS TODAY?

Well, to ease the pain of the IRS’ fave holiday, April 15, we are extending early bird registration pricing until 4/20, a favorite day for chronic (tax) pain sufferers (and people who value freedom for everyone).


Our state party meets every year to conduct business, learn new things, share ideas, and have fun! This year we will be meeting in Wilmington at UNCW May 31 - June 2.

You will notice that we have all-inclusive pricing available: we are offering not only all the business sessions and educational breakouts, speakers, workshops, etc., but food AND LODGING, for one price!

Register for the 2019 LPNC Convention
Our business this year will be consideration of the Bylaws. There are several important changes being proposed, so I hope you will take the time to read and consider them carefully. But of course Bylaws is just the beginning - we will have some great speakers including the fantastic Mary Ruwart, educational breakouts, and of course the Gala Dinner.

Read the report of the Bylaws Committee


We are contacting Libertarians across the state to invite them to Convention. We are using mail, phone, video, and possibly smoke signals (but not the 4/20 kind!)  To accomplish this, we need to spend a chunk of funds upfront. To help that effort you can donate directly AND/OR, with every registration between now and April 20, I will personally contribute $10 to this fund. Magnify your impact!

Help promote the 2019 LPNC Convention

More news shortly, but for now, take advantage of early bird pricing. 

Thanks, and I always look forward to hearing from you with ideas, questions, concerns, and news. You can reach me by phone (919-906-2106) or email ([email protected]). 

Stay free!

Susan Jane Hogarth, LPNC Chair

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