Let's join together and make
people, not politics,
the first priority of our elected officials.

However you arrived at this page, we welcome you. The Libertarian Party of North Carolina seeks to return the focus of those we elect to the people who elected them. We believe the only way we can achieve this is to recruit, support and elect libertarian candidates.

LPNC_Banner_Vertical.pngWe cannot do this without the support of what we call the voiceless voters. Those voiceless voters (libertarians and unaffiliated) make up nearly one-third of registered voters in our great state so you would think bringing about change to our broken political system should be relatively easy. The truth is the deck is severely stacked against those seeking to put people, not politics first.

We encourage you to read our vice chair's blog post on this very topic, if you were not angry before you read it, you will be after you do. Just click here.

"Freedom to vote for the person of one’s choice is an essential element of constitutional government. The General Assembly should enact no law abridging the right of a constitutionally qualified person to be presented to the electorate via the ballot. The members of the General Assembly, being incumbents, should not “tip the scales” to favor themselves and their parties by imposing any burden on others beyond minimal administrative procedures."

This comes directly from the LPNC platform, and until you read our vice chair's blog post you likely thought that is how things work, now you know they do not.

Please spend some time looking through our site.  A great place to start is on our news page. It is chock full of relevant and recent content, all just a click away.

Most importantly we want you to connect with us. Throughout the site there are places for you to reach out and get involved to whatever extent you desire and to whatever extent you are comfortable with. Just get involved.

Together we will be voiceless no more.