North Carolina, Go Vote

Just a few days left to vote in the primary, and it matters for the LPNC

by Brad Hessel
LPNC Renaissance Man

Do you know that March 5th is Super Tuesday and that North Carolina is one of 16 states that are holding primary elections that day?

Do you know that the LPNC has a contested primary for Governor for the first time this century? Shannon Bray and Mike Ross are vying to head up the party's Council of State slate—which includes candidates for Lt. Governor, Auditor, and Commissioner of Agriculture in addition to Governor. You can check out their debate at the state convention earlier this month here.

Do you know that if you're a registered L, this is the only gubernatorial primary you can vote in. So please help us pick a candidate who can garner enough votes to keep us on the ballot for another four years!

Do you know that if you are registered unaffiliated, then you have your choice of which party primary to vote in ...but in that case, please consider that ours is the only competitive race for Governor, as the polls show Josh Stein and Mark Robinson with commanding leads in the D and R primary contests, respectively. If you want your opinion to count, you should vote in our primary!

Do you know that the LPNC also has the only competitive Presidential primary? Donald Trump has things sewn up on the R side and the Ds only have one candidate on the ballot (Joe Biden, of course). There are ten folks on the Libertarian Presidential primary ballot, and five of them showed up at our convention. This race is wide open, so again, if you are registered unaffiliated, don't waste your vote in a D or R primary that is already for your favorite Libertarian candidate and help us choose the best one!

Find your polling place here.


Governor candidates:

First 2024 Libertarian Governor Candidate Debate

2024 Four Party Governor Candidate Debate

Shannon Bray on Spectrum News 1

Mike Ross on Spectrum News 1


Presidential Candidates:

Jacob Hornberger LPNC Pre-Debate Interview with Dan Smotz

Michael Rectenwald LPNC Pre-Debate Interview with Dan Smotz

Mike ter Maat LPNC Post-Debate Interview with Dan Smotz

Lars Mapstead LPNC Pre-Debate Interview with Dan Smotz

Chase Oliver LPNC Post-Debate Interview with Dan Smotz

Liberty iNC with Mike ter Maat

Liberty iNC with Lars Mapstead

Liberty iNC with Chase Oliver

Joshua Smith on Liberty iNC coming this weekend. 

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