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Meet Christopher Sessions, running for NC Senate District 10


Occupational Licensing

I advocate for reducing the regulatory burden on our citizens and businesses. Currently, our state ranks 8th in occupational licensing requirements, imposing unnecessary barriers to entry for professions such as alarm installers, sign language interpreters, barbers, and even floor sanders.

I propose a comprehensive review of professional licensing regulations in North Carolina to eliminate those that do not contribute to public safety. Many of these licenses merely serve to protect established interests, hinder competition, and drive up prices for consumers. By eliminating unnecessary licensing requirements, we can foster a more open and competitive market, allowing individuals to pursue their chosen professions without undue government interference.

Rank Choice Voting

Rank Choice Voting is a modern, innovative voting system that allows voters to rank their choices in order of preference. This system is designed to give voters more control over their vote and to ensure that the winning candidate has majority support. In North Carolina, Rank Choice Voting would ensure that all votes are counted, regardless of party affiliation, and that the winning candidate has the support of a majority of voters. This system would also make it easier for candidates to reach out to a wider range of voters, as it would be easier to build coalitions of support. Ultimately, Rank Choice Voting would help to create a more democratic and representative government in North Carolina.


As a Libertarian, I believe in body autonomy and that adults should be able to make their own decisions about what they put in their bodies. Unfortunately, I recognize that the legalization of drugs is not a realistic goal in North Carolina in the near future. Therefore, I prioritize efforts in areas where progress can be made:

Medical Marijuana:

As a veteran, I have witnessed the life-changing effects of marijuana on my family, friends, and fellow veterans. I advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana, recognizing its efficacy in pain management, PTSD, TBI treatment, and reducing prescription medication dependency. Individuals seeking relief should not face criminal penalties, and access to effective treatment should be a right without legal repercussions.

Recreational Marijuana:

I support the legalization of recreational marijuana in North Carolina. I believe that adults should have the right to make their own decisions about what substances they consume. I also believe that the state should not interfere with the personal choices of its citizens, and that the government should not be in the business of criminalizing adults for using a substance that 57% of North Carolinians support.

Drug Decriminalization

The criminalization of drug possession should be replaced with non-criminal citations. I believe that drug use should be treated as a health issue, not a criminal issue, and that resources should be allocated to providing treatment and support services for those struggling with addiction. I believe that criminalizing drug possession disproportionately affects minority communities and only serves to further entrench poverty and inequality.

Limiting the Governor's Emergency Authority:

We cannot allow a repeat of the tyranny experienced in 2020, where one person wielded unlimited emergency powers, essentially transforming themselves into a de facto dictator. Emergency powers are meant to address immediate crises, not to serve as a carte blanche for unchecked authority. It is crucial that we strike a balance between responding swiftly to emergencies and upholding the principles of our democracy. To achieve this, we must ensure that emergency powers are only utilized as a temporary measure until the legislature can convene to make informed and representative decisions.

Eliminate the State Income Tax:

I propose the elimination of state income tax to stimulate economic growth and individual prosperity. This move will attract businesses and skilled professionals, creating a more competitive and business-friendly environment. Individuals retaining more of their earnings will promote consumer spending and saving, contributing to a robust and dynamic local economy.

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As a proud Libertarian, I know the odds are tough, but I'm committed to offering voters a choice beyond the two-party system. To spread the message of freedom, I need your support. Every donation to Sessions for NC Senate counts. Let's make a stand for a better future

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