OpEd: What it's Like being Married to a Libertarian

by: Valerie Yates, LPNC Communications Director wife

You know you’re married to a Libertarian when…

  1. It’s time for your kid to learn how to drive, and all you hear is why driver's licenses are unnecessary.
  2. You know more people than you want to who have run for office.
  3. You hear the statement “taxation is theft” more times than you can count, especially during tax season.
  4. Your son has to help set up a podcast at least twice a week (and is homeschooled and learning why the Fed is evil from the Tuttle Twins).
  5. While on a family vacation, “buddies” from that town will almost always come over to hang out.
  6. Cop videos are always on repeat.
  7. At any given moment, someone with a mustache and/or beard may show up on your doorstep.
  8. You’re never the oddest person in the room.
  9. Politics is not a welcome conversation at Thanksgiving with your super liberal siblings and their wives.
  10. You hear the words "secession" and "freedom of association" at least once a day.

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