The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, by RFK Jr.

Review by Rob Yates, LPNC Communications Director


RFK Jr.'s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health, is very much worth the read. 

Recently, discussion around whether RFK Jr. should potentially be accepted by the Libertarian Party as a candidate has distracted from some of the good work he has done exposing the revolving door connection between industry and the regulatory agencies ostensibly providing oversight. 

First, to caveat, I am completely against the entire covid regime. I think the jab is a useless cash grab that statistically is more likely to harm you than help, if it provides any help at all in any situations. I think lockdowns were madness and the way which most of the populace complied was even greater madness. I think masks were useless, at best, and became the biggest virtue signaling in all of history. And I think Mandy Cohen is the worst export from the state of NC in at least 50 years. The list goes on.

That being said, this book is relevant to any Libertarian regardless of your feelings on lockdowns, jabs, masks, and all other things covid related. Further, while the book does explore some conspiracies, or at least conspiracy-related rabbit holes, what it also does is meticulously document the way agents of the state abuse the power they have in regulatory agencies to hoard and wield power. Further, industry similarly exerts control over regulatory agency decisions by dangling high-paying jobs for those who play along once they leave the public sphere and enter the private.

Spanning from the emergence of AIDS and the ensuing panic through the covid insanity, this book traces the career development of Anthony Fauci. In punctilious detail, RFK Jr. tells the tale of Fauci, driven by hubris and self-indulgence, as he weaponizes fear and the power of his position to generate huge financial gain and cement his position in the NIH and as a power broker in the federal government, with no concern who he might hurt. Fauci ruined careers, blacklisted dissenters, broke laws around patents, covered up malfeasance, and drove through any roadblocks until he had achieved near complete dominance in his realm.

In a time when we need as many allies as possible to push back against the ever-growing machine that is the state, and when single-issue coalitions are a potential powerful way to unite against the power that is being taken from us by the uniparty, we should not forget that, although not all potential friends are Libertarian or libertarian, they are friends nonetheless. This book, in its focused capacity, is a powerful reminder of how the overreach of the omnipotent state can distress those who are not as far along the Liberty path as we are. 

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