Bob Drach - January 2024

Candidate for North Carolina State Auditor

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Very nice to meet you all. I am Bob Drach, and I am your best choice for North Carolina's State Auditor. A former Certified Management Accountant, I know financial reporting, information systems and organizational leadership.


The State Auditor protects the citizens of North Carolina from abuses of power and instances of incompetence that unfortunately happen in government. Because the government is dominated by Republicans and Democrats, it would be unwise to have a Republican or a Democrat as the Auditor. (Unwise, as in a conflict of interest, the fox guarding the henhouse, and generally a bad idea. Major party voters who care about the integrity of the office can admit as much and should vote for me, while I am the clear choice for unaffiliated and third-party voters.)


I am a certified management accountant and former Treasurer, CFO, and CIO. I have earned multiple other professional certifications and taught in public schools. I am uniquely both a former Peace Corps volunteer and graduate of a highly competitive MBA program.


Throughout my career, I have exemplified the character, honesty, and diligence which make good organizations great. This is important right now for the Office of the State Auditor, rocked by the resignation of the prior elected auditor under a cloud of disgrace and with the unelected incumbent installed by the state political machine. 

As the State Auditor, I will focus on retaining the excellent audit staff while recruiting additional talent.  Continuity on key investigations is critical, while also emphasizing performance metrics that highlight both transparency and activity.

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