Time to VOTE in the May 8 Primary

It’s Primary Day tomorrow! Many of us sit out the primaries because we don’t often have Libertarian candidates to choose among. But you should definitely check your primary ballot to see if you should head to the polls tomorrow.

There are Libertarian primaries for Congressional District 4, NC Senate 8, and Randolph County Sheriff (in this race the LPNC has endorsed Adam Brooks).

But Libertarians in other counties should check their ballots before deciding to skip the primary vote. You can do that by putting your address into the BoE website:


This will give you the address of your polling place (which may have changed because of redistricting) and a copy of the primary ballot(s) you can choose if any. If you are registered D, R, L, or G, you can vote in your own party’s primary and in any nonpartisan races or issues. If you are registered Unaffiliated (independent), you can choose to vote in the primary of one of the recognized political parties.

County governments like to take advantage of low voter turnout in the primaries to propose measures from tax increases (at least a dozen counties have sales tax increases up for a vote tomorrow) to bond sales, to expenditure increases. Even some libertarian-positive measures, such as permitting mixed-drink sales in Greene County, are on local ballots. That’s why you need to check your ballot and vote if necessary.

Of course, the only thing that should be on primary ballots is party primaries. All non-partisan elections, funding measures (bonds, taxes, etc), and ballot measures such as liquor sales should be determined in the general election. But until this deplorable situation can be changed, we should be aware and responsive to any attempted shenanigans on the part of local and county governments.

When you vote, please note any irregularities on the part of the election officials, and please let me know about them. You can reach me anytime by text/phone at 919-906-2106, or by email at [email protected]. Please feel free to call me with any questions or concerns tomorrow.

And then on Wednesday we start pitching in 100% for the general election effort!

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