Shannon Bray - My Vision for NC

by Shannon Bray
Candidate for the LPNC Governor Nomination

I believe the vast majority of North Carolinians are fed up with the juvenile performance art politics that many establishment party candidates engage in. I intend to address the issues that concern and affect our fellow citizens the most—the economy, education, healthcare, and electoral reform—in a civil and positive manner, without insulting my opponents (or their supporters).

The Economy. The way that individuals and businesses participate in our economy is strongly directed by taxation and regulation. To create the jobs and businesses of tomorrow, we must cut back on over-regulation and minimize taxation to encourage an innovative economic climate today.

Education. Giving students, families, and teachers greater choice is the best path to building successful lives, developing better learning environments, strengthening communities, and preparing North Carolina for the challenges ahead.

Healthcare. Healthcare options are a critical aspect of everyone’s life. To promote a healthcare system that achieves better outcomes, reaches more people, and makes care more affordable we must avoid government overreach.  

Electoral Reform. We need to reduce the intrusion of partisan politics into government affairs and make government at all levels more responsive to individual citizens. The single most effective thing we can do here is to take redistricting out of the hands of politicians—who for decades have been picking their own voters—and create an independent, non-partisan commission responsible for implementing the perfectly sound principles already enshrined in our state constitution. But I would also work to achieve fairness for independent voters—who despite outnumbering both Democrats and Republicans, are barred from serving on the Boards of Elections. And I would propose to enable municipalities and counties—where currently it is possible for a candidate whom 70 percent of voters reject to be elected—to utilize Instant Runoff Voting, thus ensuring that no one is elected without a majority of votes cast.

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