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On September 18, 2023, independent North Carolina journalist Stephen Horn was found guilty of criminal actions for covering the events of January 6 as a journalist. Stephen has released a documentary of his coverage of that day. He has broken several other stories of interest to Liberty warriors in North Carolina, including the illegal targeting and arrest of Monica Ussery and the campaign donation fraud currently being perpetuated by ActBlue in NC, for which he appeared in Season 3 Episode 9 of Liberty iNC.

Stephen is facing sentencing for this trumped-up "crime" early next week. We have the opportunity to express our support for Stephen and show our contempt for those who would weaponize the judicial system as a political bludgeon in disregard for the freedom of the press.

Below is a form letter. If you could copy it, paste it, edit it if needed, and send it to "[email protected]" (Stephen's defense attorney) with your name included, it will be filed on behalf of Stephen and submitted to the judge who will be sentencing him.

Two important things to note:

  • This will be filed publicly, so any personal information you include will be available to anyone researching the case. Please use discretion.

  • This has to be filed by TOMORROW NIGHT, JANUARY 3. Please, send this to Stephen's lawyer immediately, and by tomorrow evening, at the latest.

Reach out if you have any questions, and we will answer them ASAP.

Thank you for all you do for Liberty



Your Honor,

I am writing to this to express, with the strongest sentiment possible, my hopes that you give Stephen Horn the most lenient available sentence, ideally nothing more than him being released with no further penalty, for the dubious conviction surrounding his alleged participation in the events of January 6th at our Nation’s Capital.

The sad truth of our current paradigm is that all legacy media is bought and paid for. We can predict how a “news” organization will spin a story well before hearing them do so, simply based on their respective political leanings. Further, every major remaining legacy news source relies on hundreds of millions in money from sponsors annually. The assertion that these entities are, in any respect, independent, or faithful stewards of free information to the public, is patently absurd.

Within this context, it is imperative to the preservation of our great Republic and the ability of a free people to make informed decisions regarding the path forward for our country that we have independent media, untainted by sponsorship money that comes with serious strings attached destroying the veneer of independence for its recipients.

Stephen Horn is one of the premier independent journalists in the State of North Carolina. He is young, but he has proven willing to challenge mainstream narratives. He has also proven himself willing to change his course of reporting should the evidence lead him in a different direction. He is beholden to no one, respects the truth, and is willing to report what he finds to his audience, even at great personal risk.

Among the notable stories Stephen broke in recent years include, the illegal detention and harassment of Monica Ussery; the campaign finance fraud perpetuated by donors to ActBlue in North Carolina; and his riveting documentary, 79 minutes, covering the events of January 6th. He has a website and newsletter continuing to cover local and NC-state-level stories, he is relentless in his investigative journalism pursuits, and he has made no secret of his interest in uncovering the truth – again, no matter the cost. He has appeared in a number of interviews and other media news stories, including as a guest on the Liberty iNC podcast, Season 3 Episode 9, to discuss the ActBlue donation fraud (Liberty iNC - Season 3: Episode 9 - Getting Back to Our Grassroots with Kent Misegades (

Because of this, I felt it incumbent on me to write this email. Stephen is now facing potentially significant personal cost for documenting one of the most-publicized events in our country’s recent history. It should go without saying that arresting and charging a journalist for covering a story manufactures a terrifying chilling effect. This is even more pronounced when the story is political in nature. Everyone seemed righteously indignant by the actions of the sheriff in Marion, Kansas late last year, when he arrested a newspaper staff in a clearly retaliatory wielding of the power of law enforcement. What is happening to Stephen is several magnitudes greater, as there remain several unanswered questions around the January 6th breach of the Capital, and this arrest seems to exist solely to quelch and delegitimize one inside perspective.

I am not writing this to glorify or defend the actions of the mob on 1/6. As with many things, there are certainly culpable people, some moreso than others, and I don’t seek judicial lenience for those who would see our great experiment in democracy descend into chaos and violence. But the charges brought against Stephen do, and accompanying them with significant penalty would, in fact represent the desecration of the individual rights we have, described in the Constitution of the United States, to a press free from government interference in reporting, topics, or anything else that might hinder the media under the First Amendment. In other words, pursuing legal action against a journalist is the essence of seeking to turn our great nation into a state-run maelstrom of violence.

Please, in defense of the Constitution of the United States, in deference to the First Amendment, and as a show of judicial independence and justice against the self-interested forces that would seek to divide us, let Stephen go free with no further encumbrance on his life or Liberty.

Thank you,

[Your Name]

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