Call to Action: Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal

The time to take an important next step in the expansion of liberty for our firearm rights has arrived. House Bill 50 (HB50) and Senate Bill 41 (SB41) repeal the Pistol Purchase Permit scheme in North Carolina that requires North Carolinians to acquire permission from their local sheriff before they can even purchase a pistol. This permit is wholly separate from a concealed handgun permit, which is a separate permission slip from the state for you to carry a concealed handgun. Both bills have passed the Senate and House and are now going to the desk of Governor Cooper, who will almost certainly veto it. The State House has a veto-proof supermajority on this issue, but the State Senate passed the bill a few votes shy of a veto-proof supermajority. We need your help to convince our representatives to support liberty! This is a straightforward Libertarian issue, as all individuals have the right to arm themselves appropriately. Look up your legislator below and contact them to tell them to support these bills and override the almost certain Cooper veto that is coming!

Below is a letter you can send to your representative, copy and paste and change at will.

Find your representatives and their contact info:

Dear [Representative],

As one of your constituents, I am urging you to support the repeal of the antiquated and outdated Pistol Purchase Permit law. In the coming days, Governor Cooper will almost certainly veto the expansion of rights that includes repealing the PPP and allowing church carry in churches with schools attached to them. You should resist this unilateral abuse of authority and allow the will of the people, reflected in the votes of the legislature, to prevail. Support this law and overrule the veto. The Pistol Purchase Permit was originally used as a way to prevent black North Carolinians from acquiring the means to defend themselves. In the modern era, it is used in a similar manner to prevent those of lesser financial means from acquiring the means of self-defense.

The critics are wrong that Pistol Purchase Permit repeal removes the only safeguard against private sellers ensuring criminals are not purchasing their firearms. Any FFL in the state can, and almost all do, provide background checks for private sales if the seller wishes. All the Pistol Purchase Permit currently does is raise the time and monetary commitment for North Carolinians to purchase a handgun for self-defense. All North Carolinians have the right and deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves, free of government coercion, how best to defend themselves. The repeal of the Pistol Purchase Permit is the correct step in doing so.

[Your name]

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