Much to Accomplish Before 2014

It is less than a month until fourth quarter! Time seems to accelerate as we begin to approach the holidays and we’ll soon be looking at New Year’s Day 2014 in the rear-view. 

We have much to accomplish before 2014 and I’m confident we have a capable and motivated team to lead us into the 2014 elections. So what needs to be done between now and January?

1. Project 2020. Though this long term plan for the LPNC will constantly be changing and developing, we’re working to have a comprehensive organizational plan fully functional by 2014. Thanks to the work of Jason Melehani and Erik Raudsep, the political planning and strategy portion is now well underway. Remember the goal of Project 2020: one N.C. Senate seat and four N.C. House seats in 2020. 

2. Fundraising. The General Assembly voted to end the Political Parties Financing Fund, our main source of campaign funding in 2012. Fear not! LPNC has not had an organized fundraiser for quite a few years and we feel confident we can fund our planned political activities exclusively through private donations. I’ll say that again: yes, we can reach our goal of one state Senate and four state House seats without public, corporate or PAC funding. To go ahead and help us, donate here. 

3. Institute of Political Leadership. I was fortunate enough to be selected to participate in the IOPL’s fall Fellows Program. This is a series of 11 weekends of candidate training. My intention is to transfer what I learn here to LPNC candidate development and party management. Thus far, the content has been very professional and instructive.

My primary takeaway relevant to the LPNC was the comment of John Hood (from the John Locke Foundation) who pointed out that the Democrats in N.C. are now doing exactly what the Republicans did to gain their current status: campaign and run candidates locally. It’s how the R’s gained power, how the D’s plan to take it back, and how the Libertarian’s could become politically relevant. Hood’s words, my paraphrasing. Let’s prove him correct. 

4. Win in 2013! We have an excellent slate of candidates for local elections across the state. Volunteerism is a key component of local campaigns and we need all the volunteers we can get. Look at our candidates and support them with time, money or both! 

It is an honor to serve as your chair during these exciting times for the LPNC. Feel free to contact me anytime. 

J.J. Summerell


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