Incumbents "Retiring"

More than a dozen state legislators, some of them long serving members who generally run unopposed, may be feeling the disaffection of voters with the dysfunctional government endemic to the "two-party" system. They're deciding to "retire," either resigning to take more lucrative (read lobbying) jobs in the "private sector" or announcing they won't run for re-election.

To date, 13 legislators have or will step down, including eight who've run in historically unopposed districts. The most prominent so far is Sen. Rob Rucho of Matthews (R-39) He's been a key player in the Republican leadership, credited with being the architect of major legislation, from tax cuts to redistricting.

This presents another opportunity for Libertarian candidates to introduce ideas and viewpoints not presented, or avoided by, the establishment parties in a campaign.

If you're interested in running for office as a Libertarian, time is getting short. The filing period is Dec. 1-21. Go here for more information.

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