Haugh to Burr: Defend Your Record

In a special video message, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Sean Haugh, told his Republican opponent, incumbent Richard Burr, you "... stand up in front of everybody and defend your record. I'd like to see you try. The voters of North Carolina demand it.”

“If you want to serve the people, you have to answer to the voters of this state,” Haugh said in the latest of his signature videos. “You have to debate me to answer to all of us who are tired of your perpetual war, unsustainable debt and corporate control of our government.”

When he gets an invitation, Haugh says he accepts immediately. “Near as I can tell, our Democratic opponent Deb Ross, after some brief conversation, also accepts.”

But Haugh said that even after months the Burr campaign is still “negotiating terms.” Haugh speculated that Burr may be waiting to hear if he'd be Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate.

“That would make sense. You two are a match made in... well, I'm not quite sure where, but you gotta admit, it's a natural pairing.”

“Given your vigorous defense of government secrecy, maybe you're asking for parts of the debate to be classified? I understand. It's hard to reconcile open debate with your complete opposition to transparency,” Haugh said. 

However, Haugh said it's looking more and more like Burr is afraid to debate. 

“Maybe you're hoping you can just coast in on the power of incumbency. I'd understand it if you just can't face the voters anymore with a straight face and repeat obvious nonsense like 'moderate Syrian rebels' or 'repeal and replace.'”

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