Green Party Petitioning for Ballot Access

The NC Green Party is organizing  a “political intervention” on the “broken two-party system” March 15. They're mobilizing volunteers to collect signatures on a petition to get on the ballot.

NCGP-logo.gifIn their call to action, they say, “The Democrat-Republican corporate duopoly does not serve our needs. Over 28 percent of North Carolinians do not identify with either party. North Carolina needs more choices — choices that are not addicted to corporate money and the cycle of havoc it has caused.”

“Despite our disagreement on many issues, Libertarians and Greens have always been united in the fight for free elections,” said LPNC vice chair Brian Irving

“If every Libertarian got five signatures, we'd have an ally on the ballot to work with towards real debates, against media blackout of alternative views, and to challenge the status quo.”

“Here is a third reason for Libertarians to go to the polls March 15. Vote in the Libertarian presidential primary, vote against the bond, and help the Greens get on the ballot,” he said.

“Let's give the people of North Carolina real choices on election day.”

RSVP for the Green Ballot Day here.

The Greens are asking people to take a Ballot Access Pledge. They're trying to recruit 200 volunteers to collect 500 signatures in the next six months. 

"Libertarians are very familiar with North Carolina's draconian ballot access laws," Irving noted.  

The Greens don't think that one person collecting 500 signatures is unrealistic.  Last November, one member got 188 signatures on election day, another got 110 signatures and a third person collected 38 in an hour and a half. 

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