December 2023 - From the Chair

I will keep my message short this month, because our accomplishments speak for themselves, and anything I say I am worried might only take away from what we have achieved. 

First of all, Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and joyful tidings of peace to everyone, no matter what or how you celebrate, we wish you well. We are the party of peace, but that does not make us the party of weakness, and it certainly does not make us passive. We proved how dedicated we are on Friday when filing closed, and I am so proud of everyone, I really can't say it enough. Rob has written a deep article reflecting on the meaning of the holidays and how embracing peace and non-aggression is actually an act of rebellion.

Speaking of rebellion, we have our convention theme, "Cheers to Rebellion!" If you haven't registered yet, I don't know what you're waiting for, but all the details are included below, including our keynote speaker, who we are really excited will be hosting the gala and after.

The whole newsletter this month is worth checking out, even more than normal, with a bunch of good articles, lots of information about what has happened, what comes next, and how you can help, and a few different places where you can find the perfect gift for that picky Libertarian in your life.

Everyone likes receiving gifts, and I am no exception. But the gift that you all have given me this year is one for which I will never be able to truly say thank you enough, never repay, never fully acknowledge or address. You have given the gift of sacrifice, of your time and your money, of moments with family and friends that you spent instead working on helping build and advance the party, of sleepless nights and painful next days at work. I see how much you have sacrificed, and it is a gift I do not take lightly. I promise, I will do all I can to make it worthwhile.

Mostly though, you have given the gift of your friendship, your compassion, and your commitment to Liberty. This is something that is beyond value, and it is why I am confident that we are going to win. 

-Ryan Brown, LPNC Chair

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