Bylaws Committee Seeking Ideas

The LPNC Bylaws & Convention Rules Committee is now soliciting ideas to consider for presentation to the 2015 LPNC State Convention. Please send your ideas to Brian Irving, committee chair. 

You can also follow deliberations by joining the Bylaws Committee Yahoo Group, or even joining the committee itself. Contact Irving you are interested in being on the committee.

Here is a partial list of some ideas the committee will be discussing:

  1. Combining the roles of Membership and Recording Secretary (Article IV, Section 4 & 5)
  2. Making the platform & bylaws committees standing (permanent) committees (Article VIII)
  3. Redefining roles and duties of officers. (Article IV)
  4. Redefining the roles and duties of the Executive Committee, including appointed directors. (Article V)
  5. Reordering the Convention Order of Business.

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