2021 LPNC Convention Early Bird Price Extension!

Haven't bought your LPNC convention ticket yet? You're still in luck! Our Early Bird prices have been extended to Friday, March 26th. We have a great lineup of speakers which includes:

Spike Cohen

John Monds

Scott Horton

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Angela McCardle

Buy your ticket now and join Libertarians across North Carolina in a weekend of platform discussions, workshops, and networking. For more details, or to purchase tickets, click here

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2020 Election Review

All-in-all, 2020 will go down as a good year for the LPNC! Among our electoral accomplishments:

  • All-time record for most total votes for our General Assembly candidates
  • All-time record for most votes in a statewide race
  • Second most votes ever for our Presidential candidate
  • All-time high number of registered Libertarians on Election Day
  • Record high turnout
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Time for Your Voice to be Heard

"It's the task of the governor to be an advocate for the people and the state as a whole," said Steven DiFiore, Libertarian candidate for governor. "Working together, we can strive to make our State an increasingly better place to live, work, and raise a family.

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A Rational Conversation: COVID and Criminal Justice Reform

Watch this conversation between three Libertarian candidates for the legislative candidates as they talk the two topics now dominating the election, COVID-19 pandemic and criminal justice reform. 

When 2020 began, neither of these issues was on any political pundit’s radar. Now they seem to be all any of them talk about. 
Sadly, as with many issues, it is not reasoned, rational debate. Instead, political discourse has degenerated into name-calling and tribal warfare between “good” and “evil.” 
Wearing – or not wearing – a mask has become both a fashion statement and a political statement. 
Libertarians Travis Groo (NC Senate 17), Bruce Basson (NC House 36), and Dee Watson (NC House 49) have a different view. 

They, like all Libertarians, believe we can build a healthy, safe, free, peaceful, and prosperous North Carolina another way. By harnessing the limitless potential of a free people who can work together to solve these and other issues.

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