Time Warner Cable News Interview

Our state chair, J.J. Summerell, and national LP chair Nicholas Sarwark were guests on the Time Warner Cable News show Capital Tonight. They spoke about state and national Libertarian Party growth, Rand Paul, and our upcoming state convention.

The video is up on the TWC news website. Note: views by non-TWC subscribers are limited.

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Boxed (Lunch) Satire at State Convention

Durham political satirist John "Giovanni" Tarantino will perform at lunch during the Libertarian Party of North Carolina annual state convention in Durham April 11.

Today is the deadline for signing up for a box lunch or the Gala Banquet. Go here to register.

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Show Up. Be Nice. Win!

The formula for Libertarian candidate success is rather simple: Show up. Be nice. Win. That will be the message of Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark in his keynote address to the Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Convention April 11.

sarwark_nicholas.pngSarwak said that when Libertarians run for office consistently, it shows people who aren't libertarian that we're a political party that's here to stay, and will be here when they need us.

When we do show up, we should be nice. The means focusing on finding areas of agreement with people, rather than trying to win arguments. This builds relationships that will last long after the election.

"If we do these two things, and keep at it, we can win in the short and long term." he concludes.

Join us April 10-12, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Miami Blvd (just off I-40), Durham.

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Libertarians Should “Strike While the Ire is Hot”

A confluence of factors may present an opportunity for electoral success for Libertarians and the party needs to be prepared to “Strike While the Ire is Hot.” That will be the message renowned political analyst John Davis will present to the Gala Banquet attendees at the 2015 State Libertarian Party Convention April 11 in Durham.

John-Davis-Pix-e1420343258854.jpgDavis will argue that the American political system is undergoing a demographic revolution which is disrupting the status quo. The dominant voter profile is no longer an older, white male. Hispanics, Asians, women, and millennials are becoming significant factors in most elections.

Davis says that the demographic revolution is occurring at the same time voters are increasingly frustrated by dysfunctional government caused by the polarization of the two major parties. To illustrate the polarization of the two parties, Davis’ presentation includes the results of a study by the National Journal showing that the nation’s “political middle” has all but disappeared.

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