Libertarians Host Only Presidential Debate in NC

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina will host the only presidential debate scheduled in North Carolina. It is set for March 7 from 9 to 10:30 p.m. EST and will be webcast on Google Hangouts On Air. The debate will feature candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination. 

Carolina Journal Associate Editor Barry Smith will moderate the debate from a location in Raleigh. Candidate will participate from locations across the nation. 

“We're excited to be hosting a virtual debate with our candidates for president so that the public can see and hear their views on the critical issues neither the Democrats nor Republican candidates and parties will address,” said J.J. Summerell, state party chair. 

“We especially encourage the 25 percent of North Carolina voters registered unaffiliated to watch, as well as independents across this nation,” he added. “National polls show that a vast majority of Americans want a choice outside the old parties. The Libertarian Party offers that choice.” 

The debate will be held one week prior to North Carolina's March 15 Presidential Primary. Participants in the debate will be selected by online poll conducted by the LPNC from a list of a candidates who will appear on the March 15 Presidential Primary ballot. 

Those candidates are: Marc Feldman of Ohio; John Hale of Kentucky; Cecil Ince of Missouri, Gary Johnson of New Mexico; Steven Kerbel of Colorado; Darryl W. Perry of New Hampshire; Austin Petersen of Missouri, Derrick Reid of California; Jack Robinson of South Carolina; Rhett Smith of Texas, and; Joy Waymire of California. 

For background 

The Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates will be chosen by delegates to the party's national convention scheduled for May 27 to 30, 2016 in Orlando, Fla. To be nominated a person must be a sustaining member of the LP, defined as someone who has given $25 or more to the party in a year, and Constitutionally-eligible. In addition, he or she must secure the written support of at least 30 delegates. 

State parties select the delegates to the national convention. Delegates must be party members. States are allocated delegates in proportion to the number of LP sustaining members in the state and votes for the Libertarian presidential candidate in the most recent election. Each delegate is free to vote for any person nominated, or for none-of-the-above. Party rules to not allow for unit voting or committed delegates.

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