Libertarian Party of NC Welcomes Record-Setting Slate of Candidates

With 50 candidates filing for the 2018 elections by yesterday’s deadline, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) has assembled one of its strongest slates ever to give North Carolina voters a real choice in county, state, and federal elections. This year’s slate includes the party’s first-ever primary contests for the U.S. House of Representatives, the state legislature, and local sheriff’s offices.

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Sarah Brady Wagner Joins LPNC Executive Committee

A big welcome to our newest Executive Committee member, Sarah Brady Wagner. Sarah has been (and will continue) serving as the LPNC’s Political Director, organizing our team of candidates and leading lobbying and legislative analysis. She is working on a liberty podcast project set to launch this month. We’re delighted to have her energy and insight on the Committee.


Appointed to fill a spot left vacant by resignation, she will be serving until the State Convention in May, when the seat will be filled by special election.

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2017 Municipal Elections

If you haven’t been to your polling place yet, I hope you still have time to have a say in your municipal elections. These odd-year elections are ballots where one vote can be loudly heard. You likely won’t have a Libertarian on your ballot, but it’s still important to go vote against raising taxes and government spending.

The Libertarians who are on the ballot today in North Carolina include:

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NC Legislature Approves Most Significant Ballot Access Reform Bill in Decades

The most significant ballot access reform law in decades will become law. The General Assembly has overridden Gov. Roy Cooper's veto of SB 656 Electoral Freedom Act. 

This bill lowers the barriers for political parties to gain ballot access from two percent to 0.25 percent of the vote for governor. 

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina joined the North Carolina Green Party and Constitution Paty of North Carolina in hailing the veto override with this joint statement:

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