Libertarian Party of North Carolina Announces Several Libertarian Candidates for 2023 Elections


July 24, 2023 (RALEIGH) – The Libertarian Party of North Carolina (LPNC) is excited to announce 14 Libertarian candidates will be on ballots around the state in this year's fall elections. The group of candidates is dynamic, with a mix of first-timers and seasoned campaign veterans, and the range of offices is broad, including mayor, town board, and city council races.

LPNC Chair Ryan Brown said, “We’re excited with how many people stepped up to run for office, but we’re even more excited about the people who are running. People are sick of watching their livelihood and Liberty be attacked by politicians who often don't feel the pain they are causing others. None of the Libertarians running this year ever wanted to be a politician when they grew up. They’re moms and dads, teachers, lawyers, just normal people like us, but they can’t sit back and do nothing any longer. I am proud to be associated with them, and I’m happy that the state party can offer them so much support.”

LPNC Secretary and Political and Policy Director Dee Watson said, “These candidates represent the end of the first phase of work we have been doing to put an infrastructure in place to recruit, train, and support candidates at every level around the state. But they represent the beginning of implementing our long-term strategy. It’s so exciting to see this vision taking shape, and especially with such a solid group.”

LPNC At-Large Executive Committee Member and Candidates Coordinator Christina Aragues said, “Now the work really begins, but it’s the fun part, too. We have put together excellent resources for candidates, and there’s a ton of knowledge and experience to support the tools we can provide. I can’t wait to watch this election season develop.”

The LPNC will spend the next week working with each candidate to personalize the infrastructure, offer support, and fine tune strategies. All announcements, including events, will be published on the LPNC website and advertised in the newsletter.


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