State Fair November 2022

Many volunteers gave their time and energy in October to the LPNC’s most consistent and fulfilling outreach event - the NC State Fair in Raleigh. Spearheading the ten-day effort was Brad Hessel with the backing of many Wake County Libertarians, but volunteers came from as far as Charlotte and beyond.

The Party has been tabling at the Fair for two decades, after having to threaten to sue the state for table space. We’ve come a long way from being stuck in the back hallway of Dorton Arena, and people look forward to seeing us every year, whether to check on candidates, have a stimulating sparring session, or pick up some swag. This year we had t-shirts, campaign literature, rainbow gadsden flags, and more available. We spoke to thousands of folks, made some new friends, and showed voters that the Libertarian Party is here to stay.

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