Second Chance to Buy a Free Beer T-shirt

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina, led by activists in Wake County, is still working hard to support our North Carolina brewers and free markets.

The first run of our Libertarian "Free Beer" T-shirt sale was a great success. Thank you for participating. We raised a bit of money for the party, and our message is getting out. A second T-shirt sale just opened up.

A bill filed last week, House Bill 500, would raise the self-distribution barrel limit from 25,000 to 200,000 barrels. This is still a trivial amount compared to what big international brewers distribute and sell in the state. But by raising the limit, our local brewers can continue to grow and compete in a free and fair market. NC brewers won't be forced into a distribution partnership that's bad for their business.

Go here to purchase one today.

Meanwhile, Wake Libertarians are supporting the work of Craft Freedom and promoting free markets by attending informational luncheons, legislative committee meetings, and talking with local state representatives.

As a result of their efforts, Wake Representatives Nelson Dollar, Gale Adcock, and Martin Grier are among the 21 House members who signed on as co-sponsors of the HB 500.

Let's see if other counties can match the Wake results. Contact your local representative, especially if they're on the House Alcoholic Beverage Control Committee, and ask them to support the bill.  The more legislatures who support the bill, the better chance it has of passing.

Wake Libertarians are also visiting local watering holes, wearing their Free Beer T-shirt and handing out information, letting people in the community know that raising the barrel limit is good for our local brewers and the economy.

We can do the same all across the state because every county has a local craft brewery.

This is also an excellent way to open up a conversation with unaffiliated voters and anyone not familiar with the LP.

Follow this link to read more, for information on finding and contacting your state representative, and a link to buy an LP Free Beer T-shirt for a friend or yourself if you missed out on the first sale. Thank you for supporting the Libertarian Party!

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